Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

Alumni-to-Students Internships and Mentoring

Regis alumni are willing to mentor a student as they prepare to enter the workforce. Call the Office of Internships and Career Services.

Contact: Susan Kennedy -


Alumni Regional Clubs

Regional Clubs are a wonderful way to stay in touch with classmates in your area. Help us bring Regis alums together from New York, Chicago, California, and beyond. Start a Regis Club in your area.

Contact: Christina Duggan –


Alumni Choir/Glee Club

Alumni are invited back to perform at Mass during the Memorial Liturgy in November, the Christmas Concert and Reunion Weekend in June.

Contact: Dr. Sheila Prichard –


Alumni Association Shadow Program for juniors

In conjunction with the Center for Internships and Career Services at Regis College, the Alumni Association would like to offer next year’s junior class a special program that will introduce them to the value of networking as part of their post-graduation strategy.

Contact: Susan Kennedy -


Parents Council

Comprised of alumni/parents whose children are enrolled at or have graduated from Regis College. The Council seeks opportunities to connect parents with parents and to involve all in ways that are helpful to the students.

Christina Duggan –


Alumni in Admissions Program

As an alumna, you encompass the ideals of Regis College. Attending a college fair in your area can assist us in communicating the value and experience of a Regis College education to prospective students. College fairs are a wonderful opportunity for students and their parents to talk to many college representatives and learn detailed information about the admission process.

Contact: Wanda Suriel –


Class Officer

Volunteer to be a Class Officer for your class. Your role as an officer is to share information with the Alumni Office. That would include e-mail addresses – marriages – employment changes – promotions – deaths or other news. This will assist us in maintaining accurate alumni records.

Contact Christina Duggan at


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Fund Agent
  • Class Reporter
  • Reunion Chair


Regis College: Alumni Volunteer Opportunities
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Alumni Volunteer Opportunities