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Become a Regis College Alumni in Admission Representative today and make a difference in a young student’s life!

The Alumni in Admission Program (AAP) at Regis College is an organization in which alumni volunteers assist the Admission Office by representing the College to prospective undergraduate students. AAP members assist in shaping the future success of Regis College. They exemplify the many ways that Regis alumni give back to the College. AAP members play a vital role in the admission process by attending local college fairs and by visiting high schools in order to bridge the gap between Regis College and high school students. Alumni volunteers attend and/or speak at Admission-sponsored events. AAP members also offer support by sponsoring a Regis College Book Award, by contacting students via e-mail and/or telephone and by sharing their unique experiences during their Regis College years.

College Fairs

As an alum, you encompass the ideals of Regis College. Attending a college fair in your area can assist us in communicating the value and experience of a student’s college education to prospective students. College fairs are a wonderful opportunity for students and their parents to talk to many college representatives and learn detailed information about the admission process. In most cases, college fairs occur in the fall and spring. It is a chance for the undecided student to “shop around.” The primary purpose of a college fair is to allow students to meet a representative from Regis College (you) and to request further information from the college. Interested students and parents will stop by the Regis College table to pick up brochures and ask questions about the institution. At a college fair, representatives are expected to:

  • Distribute literature about Regis College.
  • Take names and addresses for the mailing of viewbooks, applications, catalogs, etc.
  • Answer individual student and parent questions.

High School Visits

This is an opportunity for alumni to engage in an on-going relationship with one or more high schools. You can be a local resource for high school counselors, students, and parents. Alumni representatives can also assist the Admission Office by recommending well-regarded high schools. We are constantly updating our mailing list and we look forward to sending a packet of materials about Regis to high schools, along with the alumni contact information. AAP members can also make congratulatory calls to accepted students, nominate highly qualified students for the Alumni Sponsor Award, and represent Regis College at high school award ceremonies.

Nominating a Student for the Alumni Scholarship

The Alumni Scholarship Award formerly called as the Alumni Sponsor award was established in 1991 to encourage alumni to acknowledge high school seniors and transfer students who exhibit the qualities of a Regis College student. Over the years, we have found that a great number of our best students have enrolled at the College because of the influence of our alumni . Recognizing this contribution, Regis encourages alumni to continue the practice of recommending students to Regis College. As an incentive, the college has established the Alumni Scholarship Award. Accepted students are eligible for this $2000 scholarship, renewable for up to three years. Alumni Scholarship Award forms are mailed out to alumni in December and must be returned by February 15th for committee review and selection of students for this award. Nomination does not guarantee awarding.

Attending and/or Speaking at Receptions and/or Admission Events

The Admission Office is always seeking volunteers to assist at our recruiting events. Throughout the academic year we hold several events to generate campus visits from our prospective and accepted students. Programs include the following:

  • Open House (on and off campus)
  • Preview Days
  • Merit Scholar Receptions
  • Accepted Student Day
  • Secondary School Counselor Receptions

Volunteers in the past have assisted in the following areas

  • Registering guests
  • Mingling with families before an event begins, during lunch or at dinner
  • Speaking to our guests at informal panel discussions or addressing an entire group
  • Bringing a group of students to campus for a tour and information session with the Admission Office
  • Contacting prospective students to attend Regis College sponsored events in your area

Contacting Students

The personal communication and interaction prospective students receive from Regis College make a difference and are key when students are going through the college selection process. Alumni are wonderful sources of information for students and parents. Volunteers are asked to send note cards and/or e-mails to admitted students, as well as make phone calls to:

  • Congratulate the student on their acceptance
  • Answer questions about Regis College
  • Talk with prospective students specifically from your area.


An interview with an applicant or prospective student is helpful to both the College and the student. It establishes a personal connection between the alum and the student and can increase or reinforce a student’s interest in Regis College. Interviewing a student can also help the Admission Committee learn more about their goals. Moreover, it will provide a comfortable opportunity for the student to ask questions about Regis College and the admission process. Interviews are not required but are highly recommended.

Regis College Alumni Referral Program

Prospective students who are referred to Regis College by an alum will receive an Application Fee Waiver. You will receive in the mail a referral card requesting information about you and the prospective student you wish to refer to Regis College. If you have a student in mind, please contact us at 1-866-438-7344 or complete the form online. We would love to send them information about Regis College.

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