Undergraduate Nursing Requirements

Applicants interested in the undergraduate full-time nursing program (BSN) are evaluated by the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Admission to the Regis College nursing program is competitive. Approximately 24 percent of nursing applicants are admitted directly to the nursing program. The average recalculated GPA (on a 4.0 scale) of the most recently admitted class was 3.5, with average an SAT score (combined critical reading and math) of 1100 (with a minimum of 500 in each section) and an average ACT composite score of 24. Students admitted directly into the nursing program had four or more years of science with no grade lower than a B- in those courses.

The majority of first-year students entering Regis College have graduated from an accredited secondary school.

The following college preparatory credentials are recommended for nursing candidates

  • English – 4 years
  • Mathematics – 4 years (Algebra I, II, and Geometry, Pre-Calculus/Calculus/Statistics)
  • Natural Science – 4 years (2 with a laboratory)
  • Social Science – 2-3 years
  • Foreign Language – 2 years of same language
  • Electives – 3 or 4

Students who are not admitted directly into the nursing program may seek admission to the nursing major during their first year at Regis. During the first year, students must follow the first-year curriculum plan for nursing students. To be considered for the nursing major, students must:

  1. Have a GPA of 3.0 or better in all first-year courses and no grade lower than 2.7;
  2. Interview with a nursing administrator;
  3. Be a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident oran  international student with an F1 visa.

The nursing faculty determines acceptance into the nursing major for baccalaureate students. The Admission, Retention, Progression Committee (ARPC) will review the file of each student who has declared nursing as a major in January of his or her sophomore year. Once the file has been reviewed, the student will be notified in writing of his or her status in the nursing major. In the spring, students who have declared nursing as a major will receive a letter notifying them of their status. A copy of this letter will also be sent to the assistant dean for advising and support services and to the registrar. Students who are not accepted to the nursing major must make an appointment with the assistant dean for advising and support services and declare another major.

For further information about admission into the Regis College nursing program

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