Test Optional Policy

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Regis does not require standardized test scores (SAT I, SAT II and ACT) from its applicants, with the exception of those seeking admission to the full-time undergraduate nursing program or students who are home-schooled.

Here are some frequently asked questions about this policy:

Why did Regis change to a “test-optional” admission process?

Regis is among nearly 850 four-year colleges and universities that have moved to test-optional admission. We recognize that for many students, high school grade-point averages are often a better indicator of academic ability and potential than standardized test scores.

How does this change the way that Regis evaluates my application?

Our admission staff will continue to review applications as thoroughly as ever. Our application review process has always been holistic, placing emphasis on a student’s day-to-day performance in a high school curriculum, the nature and quality of the required essay, letters of recommendation, civic engagement, and the student’s interests and extracurricular activities. We seek students who challenge themselves!

Why would a student choose to submit standardized test scores if they are not required?

Applicants who believe their test scores provide further evidence of their academic ability and potential may wish to submit them. Applicants who do not wish to submit test scores will not be penalized in our review for admission. Should you wish to have your test scores included in your application review, our SAT CEEB code is 3723; our ACT code is 1886.

Please remember that students applying for the full-time undergraduate nursing program must submit test scores.

How do I indicate whether or not I want my test scores to be considered for admission?

The Regis Common Application Supplement includes a question on whether you wish us to consider your test scores. If you leave this question unanswered, we will consider your test scores. Moreover, if you do not respond to this question and you do not submit scores, your application will be considered incomplete until the scores have been received.

Please note that students applying for the full-time undergraduate nursing program must submit test scores (see next question below).

Are there any exceptions to the test-optional policy?

Yes. Students interested in the full-time undergraduate nursing program must submit SAT or ACT scores. The same requirement applies to home-schooled students. International students with a native language other than English must submit their TOEFL or IELTS scores as part of their admission application (our TOEFL code is 3723).

What if I have already submitted test scores but do not want them to be considered?

If you have already submitted test scores (or if they appear on your high school transcript) and you do not want them considered, be sure to indicate that preference on the Regis Common Application Supplement.

Regis College Undergraduate Admission: Test Optional Policy