Home-Schooled Students

Regis College welcomes and encourages home-schooled students to apply for undergraduate admission. The applicant's academic credentials, test scores, involvement, and program will be considered in the admission decision. Admission requirements, criteria, and guidelines are applied equally to all students, including home-schooled students.

High school course requirements are listed below. In addition to this, we ask that home-schooled students submit all syllabi, reading lists, and grading records. If the student is pursuing a specific independent study course, the student should submit all requirements for this course. Furthermore, we expect the student to take the SAT or ACT test as well as three SAT II tests. We will review the application carefully. If we believe that more information is required, we may ask the student to come to campus for further testing. Admission representatives will individually review all applications for admission. Should additional information be required, we will contact the specific student.

The following college preparatory credentials are recommended

  • English – four years
  • Mathematics – three years (Algebra I and II, Geometry)*
  • Natural science – three years (two with a laboratory)*
  • Social science – three years
  • Foreign language – two years (same language)
  • Electives – three or four

* Students interested in being considered for nursing should complete four years of mathematics and natural science.

Regis College Undergraduate Admission: Home-Schooled Students