Alumni Scholarship

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Regis established this award in September 1991 to empower alumni. We want our alumni to acknowledge high school seniors and transfer students who exhibit the qualities normally associated with Regis women and men. This acknowledgment is intended to encourage young women and men with strong values and academic potential to attend Regis. By nominating a student for this award, Regis alumni are taking an active role in recruiting future Regis students who “will challenge themselves academically to lead and to serve.” (from the Regis College Mission Statement)

Through the years, Regis has found that many of its best students have enrolled at the university because of the influence of its alumni. Recognizing this contribution, Regis would like to encourage alumni to continue the practice of recommending students to Regis. The Alumni Scholarship is a $2,000 renewable scholarship awarded to incoming students and renewable on a three-year basis.

Nomination Criteria

  • The nomination form must be completed and returned to the Office of Admission by February 1st. Please be as informative as possible in the space provided.
  • The student being recommended must exhibit substantial academic potential (recommended B average/3.0 GPA or higher).
  • Characteristics and values associated with the Regis student should be present in the areas of leadership and service.
  • Alumni parents, grandparents, or siblings may not recommend their children, grandchildren, or siblings for this award.
  • All prospective First-Year and Transfer students are eligible for this award. To receive the award, students must apply and be accepted for Admission.
  • All nominations will be reviewed by the Regis College Admission Committee in concert with the Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations.
Regis College Undergraduate Admission: Alumni Scholarship
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