Accuplacer Placement Assessment

The Registration Period for on-campus Accuplacer Sessions have concluded for Summer 2016. Sessions may still be requested for off-campus Accuplacer.

Before signing up for classes, new incoming first-year students are required to take the Accuplacer placement assessment in math and writing. These assessments will determine which math and writing classes students will take first. Transfer students should contact the Director of Academic Advising to determine if taking Accuplacer will be necessary.

Accuplacer placement assessments must be completed before attending orientation. Students cannot sign-up or take Accuplacer until they officially deposit. Students may request to take Accuplacer off campus with a qualified proctor and a computer that meets the basic system requirements. Proctors may include high school staff and faculty, such as teachers or guidance counselors.

Please note: A minimum of 1 business day is required to process an off-site Accuplacer request.

If students have a documented disability and wish to request accommodations during Accuplacer, please contact Courtney Mulligan, Director, Student Disability and Accessibility Services at or 781-768-7384. Please also review the information in the Student Disability Services Packet.

Visit our FAQ page for frequently asked questions about the Accuplacer Placement Test!

On-campus Accuplacer sessions are now CLOSED for Summer 2016. Please contact Jonathan Chen, Coordinator of Academic Advising, with questions regarding taking an Accuplacer assessment.

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Information about Accuplacer Assessment Testing at Regis College