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Program Description

The Regis Undergraduate Writing Program offers students the opportunity to hone their professional and creative writing skills and effectively communicate their ideas, opinions, and research in a wide variety of genres and disciplines. Our first-year writing program and upper-level writing-intensive courses strengthen students’ ability to develop, draft, revise, and edit writing projects for diverse audiences and purposes.


Gaining Experience

After composing a variety of essays in EN105 and EN106, including memoirs, textual analyses, and research reports, students choose upper-level, writing-intensive courses, within and beyond their disciplines, that allow them to build on these foundational genres and learn how to apply their writing skills and strategies to a variety of field-specific projects. In courses such as EN329: Writing for the Community, students articulate issues and polices that matter most to them (such as education, healthcare, or the arts) in order to develop and write grant proposals, marketing material, and website copy for their own nonprofit organizations. Student projects have included teaching writing workshops in correctional facilities and homeless shelters, leading film and screenwriting courses for at-risk teenagers, and providing senior citizens with affordable access to current technology.



The Writing Core Curriculum includes a two-semester, first-year writing program and a Writing-Intensive (WI) Course:

  • EN105 Critical Reading, Thinking, and Writing I
  • EN106 Critical Reading, Thinking, and Writing II

Writing-Intensive Course in sophomore or junior year (beginning with students entering Fall 2017)

Writing Minor

A Writing Minor is an excellent way for students of all majors and disciplines to enhance their critical reading skills and gain creative and professional writing experience that will serve them well in any career. Students can choose from a wide range of Humanities and Communication courses to fulfill a Writing Minor. Click here for specific requirements.

Writing Fellows

Advanced undergraduate and graduate writers who demonstrate exceptional writing skills are encouraged to apply for a Writing Fellowship. Writing Fellows are paired with a writing instructor to assist with peer-review workshops and co-lead mini-lessons on grammar, punctuation, and style. Writing Fellows can also choose to have the fellowship count as internship credit. For more information, please contact Lucia Ortiz at


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