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The Women’s Studies program enables students to achieve a more complete understanding of human experience through a variety of disciplines. It broadens the education of female and male students by introducing new areas for intellectual inquiry and developing new critical and creative skills. As an interdisciplinary program, this undergraduate program complements virtually any major and can contribute significantly to students’ personal growth. Regis classes are conducted in a university setting, but are kept small to ensure each student receives a personalized experience during his or her studies.

The overall goal of the Women’s Studies program is to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries and integrate the contributions, realities, values, and perspectives of women into courses that explore the human experience.

The Women’s Studies program annually awards the Mary C. Bryan Women’s Studies Award, which is given for student works which in some way enhance an understanding of women’s experience. All students enrolled in a degree program at Regis are eligible to submit works for the Mary C. Bryan award.

Requirements for the Minor

  • WS 201 Introduction to Women’s Studies

Elective Courses for the Minor

Select five courses representing at least three different disciplines

  • AR 307 Women Artists
  • CO 207 Classics of American Cinema
  • CO 220 Feature Writing
  • CO 332 International and Intercultural Communication: A Women’s Perspective
  • CO 345 Gender and Communication
  • EC 205 Women in American Economy
  • EN 204 American Mythology
  • EN 208 The Nineteenth-Century British Novel
  • EN 212 Nineteenth-Century British Women Novelists
  • EN 305 Major American Writers I
    (Early America to the Civil War)
  • EN 306 American Literary Landscape
  • EN 307 Major American Writers II
    (Post Civil War to the Present)
  • EN 324 Women Writers
  • EN 402A Seminar: Critical Theory and Fiction
  • HI 211 Women in American History
  • HI 379 The Culture of Fashion
  • MU 306 Women and Music
  • PS 320 Psychology of Women
  • RS 318 Women and Religion
  • SO 213 Cultural Anthropology
  • SO 306 Changing Families
  • SO 354 Women in Society
  • SP 402 Senior Coordinating Seminar
  • SW 327 Social Policy and Social Change
  • TH 206 Women in Theatre
  • TH/HI 311 Oral History and Performance

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