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As theatre examines the human condition, the undergraduate program encourages students to explore complex connections between theatre and other studies in the liberal arts, the sciences and professional programs. We approach the study of theatre from the perspective that the best theatre artists are those who possess both a broad knowledge of the theory and literature of the field and highly developed artistic skills. The program recognizes the importance of all aspects? of theatre and offers courses and practical training in acting, dance, technical theatre, design, directing, play writing, educational theatre and dramaturgy. Regis classes are conducted in a university setting, but are kept small to ensure each student receives a personalized experience during their studies.

Requirements for the Minor

  • TH 201 Oral Interpretation
  • TH 203 Introduction to Theatre
  • TH 205 Technical Theatre
  • TH 207 Acting
  • TH 306 Directing
    (Prerequisite: TH 207)

Elective Courses for the Minor

Select one course from the following:

  • DA 204 Movement/Physical Theatre
  • TH 206 Women in Theatre
  • TH 208 Musical Theatre
  • TH 216 World Theatre in its Context
    (Prerequisite: TH 203)
  • CO 240 Screenwriting
  • TH 301 Design for the Theatre
    (Prerequisite: TH 205)
  • TH 303 Theatre for Young Audiences
  • TH 307A Advanced Acting
    (Prerequisite: TH 207)
  • TH 308 Playwriting
  • TH 311 Oral History and Performance
  • TH 320 A, B & C Special Topics in Theatre and Dance
  • TH 321/322 Contemporary Stage: Intensive Theatre Tour
  • TH 325 Drama as a Learning Medium
  • TH 409A Theatre Internship
  • TH 409B Tutorial
  • TH 409C Individualized Study

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