Therapeutic Recreation

Program Description

Therapeutic Recreation, also known as recreational therapy, uses specific treatments to meet an individual’s unique physical, emotional, social, and cognitive needs. Following the guidelines set by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation (NCTRC), you will learn how to assist individuals with disabilities, injuries, or illness pursue active, healthy, and independent lifestyles. From physical movement activities to interventions such as aquatics, cooking, adaptive sport, and horseback riding, recreational therapists use their clinical skills and creativity to rebuild strength and functionality and increase overall quality of life.

As a graduate, you can work in settings serving people with physical, emotional, psychiatric, chronic illness, and developmental disabilities such as hospitals, senior living facilities, correctional facilities, schools, and community centers. By completing this program, you’ll have met all educational requirements to be certified by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS).

The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation at Regis is to prepare students in therapeutic recreation with the knowledge and skills necessary to assess the individual, develop appropriate activity-based interventions and adaptations, and provide inclusive recreation services. Graduates of the BS in Therapeutic Recreation will be prepared to serve and lead within their field of expertise, assisting individuals in pursuing leisure and recreational activities to improve personal health and well-being.



  • THR 200 Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation
  • THR 203 Leadership Development in Adaptive Sport
  • THR 206 Practicum in Therapeutic Recreation
  • THR 209 Disabling Conditions, Health, and Function
  • THR 212 Assessment and Planning in Therapeutic Recreation
  • THR 215 Implementation and Evaluation in Therapeutic Recreation
  • THR XXX Facilitation Techniques I
  • THR XXX Program Planning and Services in Therapeutic Recreation
  • THR XXX Facilitation Techniques II
  • THR XXX Management of Therapeutic Recreation Services
  • THR XXX Seminar in Therapeutic Recreation
  • THR XXX Internship in Therapeutic Recreation


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