Music Minor

About Us

Music is an academic minor at Regis and a great option for students who are passionate about music and performance or would like to deepen their skills in the field. Regis' music minor is offered through the Department of Humanities.

The music courses, live performances, and collaborative ensemble opportunities allow students to develop into capable leaders, team-players, scholars, managers, performers, and community members of the future.

Requirements for the Minor

Required courses:

  • MU103 Basics of Music Theory I*
  • MU104 Basics of Music Theory II
  • Participation in a musical organization for at least 4 semesters. Choose from:
      • MU300 Instrumental Music Ensemble (1 credit per semester)
      • MU315-316 Glee Club (1 credit per semester)
      • MU320-321 Chamber Singers (1 credit per semester)


  • Choose 4 from a list of music courses, including keyboard, theory, listening, analysis and applied music (private lessons)

*Students may quiz out of the MU103 requirement if they have studied music theory previously. In this case, the student will substitute a music elective for that course, and enroll in the second course of the theory sequence, MU104, in the Spring Semester


Regis enjoys a long tradition of excellence in choral singing. Recent outstanding choral opportunities  include singing the national anthem at the Boston Celtics and Providence Bruins games, as well as Regis' first modern opera. In 2018, the Regis Glee Singers will be traveling to Florida for series of performances.

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