Mathematics Education

This program is no longer accepting applicants.


In keeping with the mission of the university, the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Department at Regis provides a stimulating and supportive environment that empowers students of traditional and non-traditional background to realize and develop their potential in mathematics, information technology, and related areas.

Graduates of the BA program in Mathematics Education will be life-long learners who demonstrate:

  • Knowledge and applied skills in calculus, statistics, linear algebra and a distribution of other branches of mathematics for education.
  • The ability to determine the validity of a given argument and will be able to construct mathematical proofs independently.
  • An understanding of the mathematical basis of common algorithms, and the ability to calculate accurately and efficiently.
  • The ability to solve problems, including applications of pure mathematics, by means of intuition, creativity, reasoning, estimation, and the experience gained through the study of specific examples and mathematical models.
  • The ability to communicate and educate about mathematical ideas clearly using correct mathematical terminology and proper mathematical notation.
  • Know about different student learning styles and adapt pedagogical techniques to effectively educate students in mathematics and quantitative reasoning approaches.
  • Utilize innovative approaches adopting technology for purposes of effective mathematics education.

The department offers the necessary in-depth study to prepare the mathematics majors to pursue career in mathematics, mathematics teaching, and related areas, including an Information Technology minor, as well as several courses designed to meet students’ individual needs and their choices of programs of study. The department strives to instill in all students the logical, computational, and problem-solving skills that further their education.

Licensure in Secondary Education with a Mathematics Education major is offered in partnership with the Education Department.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Education

Regis offers an undergraduate Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics Education degree in a university setting to students interested in studying mathematics. Regis classes are kept small to ensure each student receives a personalized experience.

Sample Degree Completion Plan

First Year

Fall Spring
RC 101 First Year Seminar RC 101 (Core course)
EN 105 Writing Seminar EN 106 Critical Reading, Thinking, Writing
MA 101 Introductory Calculus MA 102 Introductory Calculus
ED 100 Teaching and Learning Today ED 101B Educational Psychology
Core course Core course

Second Year

Fall Spring
MA 203 Intermediate Analysis MA 204 Intermediate Analysis
MA 253 Linear Algebra MA 326 Geometry or MA 328 Number Theory (offered alt years)
PS 203 Introduction to Psychology ED 205 Principles & Methods of Middle & Secondary Education
Core course ED 306 Instructional Strategies
Core course  

Third Year

Fall Spring
MA 211 Statistical Methods MA 212 Statistical Methods
EC 203 Global Economy MA 326 Geometry or (offered alt years) MA 328 Number Theory
ED 315 Content Reading Instruction ED 308 Educating Students with Special Needs
Elective PS 310 Psychology of Adolescence
Core course Elective

Fourth Year

Fall Spring
ED 403 Student Teaching and Seminar Core course
MA 353 Seminar: Algebraic Structures Core course


MA 328 (offered SP 13, SP 15, etc.)
MA 326 (offered SP 14, SP 16, etc.)
PS 310 (offered SP 14, SP 16, etc.)
MA 353 (offered FA 13, FA 15, etc.)
ED 205 and ED 306 must be taken concurrently.

Requirements for the Mathematics Minor (18 semester hours)

  • MA 101-102 Introductory Calculus or
  • MA 103-104 Introductory Calculus
  • MA 203 Intermediate Analysis
  • MA 253 Linear Algebra

Select two courses from

  • MA 204 Intermediate Analysis
  • MA 321 Mathematical Statistics
  • MA 322 Mathematical Statistics
  • MA 324 Mathematical Models
  • MA 326 Geometry
  • MA 328 Number Theory
  • MA 351 Advanced Calculus
  • MA 352 Advanced Calculus
  • MA 353 Seminar: Algebraic Structures
  • MA 354 Seminar: Algebraic Structures

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