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The Latin American Studies Certificate provides a comprehensive view of Latin America from the interdisciplinary perspectives of history, ethnicity, politics, literature, and culture. This certificate is open to all students at Regis to enhance their major and general education requirements to provide “sustained opportunities” to be active and engaged global citizens. The certificate is an excellent complement for a career in public service, international business, education, heritage site professions, social advocacy, as well as preparation for graduate studies.


Gaining Experience

Built on a strong Regis liberal arts foundation with a focus on global, interdisciplinary, and experiential learning, this program provides students the opportunity to study in a Latin American country and conduct active, hands on research of the culture, the history, the language, and its people.



  • HI 111 Pre-Columbian Civilizations and HI 112 Latin American Civilization
  • SP 205 Hispanic Culture I and SP 206
  • PO 230 International Relations
  • PO 345 Politics of Developing Nations (or PO 333)
  • SO 213 Cultural Anthropology with Travel Component.

Students must demonstrate intermediate proficiency in either Spanish or Portuguese.


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