Data Analytics Minor

Advances in technology over the last few decades have completely changed the landscape in regards to how businesses make their decisions. Businesses and companies need people who can quickly analyze data, make meaningful and valid conclusions, and provide recommendations to integrate ideas into strategy. A minor in Data Analytics at Regis trains students how to mine through data using analytics tools, and teaches how to make data-driven decisions and solutions.

The Data Analytics minor is an option for students within the Global Business Major Program at Regis, which provides knowledge and skills in the core areas of business: accounting, management, marketing, economics, and finance.

Required Courses for the Minor

  • MA 210 Statistics
  • MT 235 Software Applications for Business
  • MT 237 Introduction to Data Science
  • MT 251 Management Information Systems
  • MT 375 Data Analytics Methods
  • MT 376 Data Mining

Contact Information

College Hall 327

Dean's Office


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