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The undergraduate courses offered in the Philosophy program challenge students to think wisely and critically about the perennial questions and problems that face humanity. Through conversation with great thinkers and texts, students learn to discriminate between what is of value and what is not, to pursue the good and the true and to contribute the resources of a liberal education in their role as citizens of the world. Regis classes are offered in a university setting but are kept small to ensure each student receives a personalized experience.

The Religious Studies and Philosophy program offers to all students the opportunity to consider the ultimate questions about life through the study of the sacred. Our exploration involves the sacred in three ways. First, the program’s offerings reflect the Catholic heritage of “faith seeking understanding,” a critical inquiry into Christian scripture and tradition. Second, in the spirit of celebrating the diverse and pluralistic society in which we live, some courses examine the Church’s relationship to other faith perspectives. Third, in keeping with the liberal arts tradition, the courses of the program examine the religious dimension of humanity and the influence of the sacred in the formation of culture. A minor in Religious Studies is offered by the program.

Requirements for the Minor

Select one course from

  • Select one course from
       • RS 102 Religious Quest for Meaning
       • RS 216 The Meaning of Faith
       • ID 222 Exploring the Human Spirit
  • Select one course from
       • RS 201 Old Testament
       • RS 202 New Testament
  • ID 304 Exploring Ethics
  • Select one course from
       • RS 107 Jesus: Myth and Reality
       • RS 211 Religion and Society
       • RS 215 Catholicism: Contemporary Perspectives
       • RS 309 Religious Hope and the Future
  • Select one course from
       • RS 304 Symbol and Ritual in Human Life
       • RS 317 Pluralism: One God, Many Faiths
       • RS 318 Women and Religion
       • RS 402 Seminar
  • Select a free choice among Religious Studies courses

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