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Regis College offers a Museum Studies certificate in a university setting to students interested in learning about a variety of art history, science, and evolving practices. Classes at Regis are kept small to ensure each student receives a personalized experience. The Museum Studies program at Regis is one of only two programs in Massachusetts recommended by the Smithsonian. It introduces students to the history, internal workings, and the significant public place of museums in today's society. Students examine grant-writing, collections management, interpretive analysis, exhibition design, and nonprofit governance. They receive hands-on experience with diverse aspects of museum work through professional internships, and explore the history of museums, in addition to new challenges faced by museum leaders today.


Gaining Experience

Museum Studies course: Rare opportunity for students to work with a living artist & create an exhibit!

Sculpter Nancy Schön, best known for her “Make Way for Ducklings” installation located in the Boston Public Garden Nancy Schön is world-famous for her sculptures, and is perhaps best known for her “Make Way for Ducklings” installation located in the Boston Public Garden ( During the Fall 2016 semester students in the Museum Practicum course (ID 344), in consultation with the artist, will have the opportunity to design, curate, and install an exhibition of her work based on the Department of Humanities theme: “metamorphosis.” The exhibition will be housed in the Carney Gallery in the spring 2017 semester. Students will select the artwork for the exhibit; write the exhibit labels, promotional materials, and catalog copy; organize and design how the exhibit will look; and do the actual installation.

This course offers a truly unique experience through which to pursue hands-on learning and to gain practical skills. This is a rare opportunity to work with a living artist to create a high-quality exhibit for the campus community and the wider public. For questions about the course, please contact Dr. Kate Edney at



  • MS 201
  • MS 202
  • Two of the following
       • HI 412
       • ID 344
       • ID 345
  • Three courses in a supportive field.


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