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RS-101 Introduction to Religion
RS-102 Religious Quest for Meaning
RS-106 Person and Work of Christ
RS-107 Jesus: Myth & Reality
RS-108 Theology IV:Social Justice
RS-110 Techniques: Spiritual Growth
RS-112 Concept of Love
RS-130 Cultivating the Inner Spirit
RS-201 Old Testament
RS-202 New Testament
RS-206 Comparative Religion
RS-208 Stories of Belief
RS-210 Medical Ethics
RS-211 Religion and Society
RS-215 Catholicism: Cont. Persp.
RS-216 The Meaning of Faith
RS-217 Theology of the Sacraments
RS-280 Spirituality & Community Serv
RS-304 Symbol & Ritual in Human Life
RS-305 Social Ethics
RS-306 Personal Ethics
RS-308 The Medieval Vision
RS-309 Religious Hope & the Future
RS-312 New Religious Movements
RS-313 The Synoptic Gospels
RS-314 Theol of Christian Community
RS-315 Social Ethics
RS-316 Christian Feminism
RS-317 Pluralism:One God,Many Faiths
RS-318 Women and Religion
RS-402 Sem:Roots of Catholic Life
RS-402A Sem:Christian Roots Holy Land
RS-402B Sem:China Culture & Faith
RS-402C Sem:Genesis in Kenya
RS-402D Sem:Church & The Modern World
RS-402E Sem:Aust,Ireland,Italy&Switz
RS-409A Independent Study
RS-409B Tutorial
RS-409C Internship
RS-410A Independent Study
RS-410B Tutorial
RS-410C Internship
RS-411A Independent Study
RS-411C Internship
RS-413A Regis - London Program
RS-509A Independent Study
RS-551 Social Ethics
RS-560 Philosophy of Religious Ed.
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