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BI-101 Intro.Bio.Principles I/Lab
BI-103 Introductory Biology I/Lab
BI-103X Lab
BI-103XC Lab
BI-104 Introductory Biology II/Lab
BI-105 Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab
BI-105R Anat&Phys I:Review/Exam
BI-105XA Lab
BI-105XB Lab
BI-106 Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab
BI-106R Anat&PhysII:Review/Exam
BI-106XA Lab
BI-106XB Lab
BI-108 General Microbiology/Lab
BI-108R GenMicrobio:Review/Exam
BI-108XA Lab
BI-108XB Lab
BI-203 Human Biology/Lab
BI-204 Sci. in Perspective:Biology
BI-209 Intro.Microbiology/Lab
BI-209X Lab
BI-209XA Lab
BI-209XB Lab
BI-210 Cell Biology/Lab
BI-211 Pathophysio.& Nutri.Therapy
BI-212 Pathophysiology
BI-302 Seminar: Hist. of Biology
BI-303 Ecology
BI-305 Ecology/Lab
BI-306 Neurobiology/Lab
BI-306X Lab
BI-307 Genetics/Lab
BI-307X Lab
BI-307XB Lab
BI-308 Developmental Biology/Lab
BI-308X Lab
BI-308XB Lab
BI-312 Animal Physiology/Lab
BI-312A Animal Physiology/Lab
BI-315 Virology
BI-316 Immunology
BI-316X Lab
BI-317 Immunology/Lab
BI-318 Animal Behavior
BI-322 Lab Methods/Research-Biol.
BI-324 Environmental Biology
BI-326 Environmental Microbiology/Lab
BI-326XA Lab
BI-401 Sem: Ethical Issues Biology
BI-401C Capstone
BI-404 Sem:Biochemical Topics
BI-404C Capstone
BI-409A Independent Study
BI-409B Tutorial
BI-409C Internship
BI-410A Independent Study
BI-410B Tutorial
BI-410C Internship
BI-411A Idependent Study
BI-411C Internship
BI-612 Adv Pathophysiology
CH-101 Intro.Chemistry I:General/Lab
CH-101R Intr.Chem I:Review/Exam
CH-101X Lab
CH-102 Intro.Chem.II:Org&Biochem/Lab
CH-102R IntrChemII:Review/Exam
CH-102X Lab
CH-103 Chem.Structure & Reactions/Lab
CH-103X Lab
CH-104 Chem Structure & Reactions/Lab
CH-104X Lab
CH-105 Intro. Chemisty/Lab
CH-105X Lab
CH-202 Science and Society
CH-203 Sci. in Perspective:Chemistry
CH-301 Seminar: Hist. Perspective
CH-302 Selected Topics in Chemistry
CH-303 Environ Science & Toxicology
CH-305 Organic Chemistry/Lab
CH-305X Lab
CH-305XA Lab
CH-305XB Lab
CH-306 Organic Chemistry/Lab
CH-306X Lab
CH-307 Physical Chemistry
CH-307X Lab
CH-308 Physical Chemistry
CH-308X Lab
CH-309 Advanced Organic Chemistry
CH-311 Sci Visual,Simul&Computation
CH-312 Molecular Structure
CH-313 Analytical Chemistry/Lab
CH-313X Lab
CH-314 Inorganic Chemistry
CH-315 Biochemistry
CH-316 Biochemistry/Lab
CH-316X Lab
CH-319 Biochem of Nutrition
CH-321 Instrumental Analysis/Lab
CH-321X Lab
CH-402 Molecular Structure
CH-402A Sem:Science & Public Policy
CH-404 Sem:Biochemical Topics
CH-404C Capstone
CH-409A Independent Study
CH-409B Tutorial
CH-409C Internship
CH-410A Independent Study
CH-410B Tutorial
CH-410C Internship
CH-411C Internship
HFS-150 Intro.Health & Fitness Studies
HFS-208 Resp Emerg: First Aid, CPR
HFS-215 Coaching Youth Sport
HFS-250 Obesity & Body Weight Mgmt.
HFS-255 Psychology of Exercise&Sport
HFS-310 Coaching Sports
HFS-311 Health and Wholeness
HFS-313 Sport in Society
HFS-314 Exercise Assessment/Lab
HFS-315 Exercise Programming/Lab
HFS-316 Sport Management
HFS-319 Lifestyle Nutrition
HFS-320 Community Nutrition
HFS-323 Meal Plan&NutriCounsel/Lab
HFS-324 Exp. Foods & FoodPrep/Lab
HFS-331 Teach,Coach&Officiate Soccer
HFS-340 Sport Event Mgmt. & Promo
HFS-342 Sport Marketing & Technology
HFS-345 Legal Issues in Sport Mgmt.
HFS-350 Health & Human Sexuality
HFS-355 Facility Dsgn,Operations&Mgnt
HFS-356 Athletic Admin.&Sport Gov.
HFS-358 Scope of Exercise Science
HFS-361 Motor Learning
HFS-364 Kinesiology
HFS-370 Biomechanics
HFS-372 Exercise:Spec.Populations/Lab
HFS-373 Exercise Physiology
HFS-409A Idependent Study
HFS-410A Independent Study
HFS-411A Independent Study
HFS-411C Internship
HFS-412 HFS Field Placement/Seminar
HFS-413 HFS Field Placement/Seminar
HFS-413C Capstone
PE-101A Team Sports: Volleyball
PE-101B Team Sports: Soccer
PE-105A Aerobics
PE-105B Individual Fitness
PE-105C Cardiovascular Fitness
PE-105D Water Fitness
PE-201A Tennis-Fencing
PE-201B Fencing
PE-201C Beginning Tennis
PE-201D Individual Sports
PE-201E Beginning Yoga
PE-201F Tennis-Racquetball
PE-201G Beginning Golf
PE-201H Tennis-Badminton
PE-201K Beginning Swimming
PE-201L Weight Training
PE-201M Tennis/Indiv. Sports
PE-201N Strength Training
PE-201P Tennis-Golf
PE-201Q Beginning Basketball
PE-201R Recreation Sports
PE-202 Learn to Swim
PE-203A Intermediate Swimming
PE-203B Intermediate Tennis
PE-203C Intermediate Golf
PE-203D Interm Weight Training
PE-203E Intermediate Yoga
PE-203N Interm Strength Training
PE-204 Swimnastics/Swim for Fitness
PE-205 Advanced Lifesaving
PE-205A Lifeguard Training
PE-206 Water Safety Instruction
PE-207 Jazzerobics,Running and You
PE-208 CPR/First Aid
PE-209 Dance I
PE-210 Dance II
PE-211 Jazzerobics
PE-212 Aerobic Shape-Up
PE-213 Sport in Society
PE-214 Wt.Control:Nutrition/Exercise
PE-215 Nutrition/Weight Mgmt
PE-216 Investigating Out-of-Doors
PE-218 Cr Train/Cardiovasc Cond
PE-219 Personal Fitness
PE-220 Women's Self-Defense
PE-221 Water Aerobics
PE-223 Pilates Essential Matwork
PE-224 Yoga/Pilates Fusion
PE-225 Cardio Kick Boxing
PE-226 Found. of Springboard Diving
PE-227 Triathlon Training
PE-228 Barre Blast
PE-229 Boot Camp
PE-230 Into. to Martial Arts
PE-309 Physical Ed:Elem.School K-6
PE-310 Health and Wholeness
PE-311 Coaching Sports:Secondary Sch.
PE-316 Sports Management
PE-408 Indiv. Phys. Educ.
PE-409A Independent Study
PE-410A Independent Study
PE-411A Independent Study
PS-203 Introduction to Psychology
PS-204A Intro to Psychology II/Lab
PS-233 Intro. to Human Development
PS-235 Human Dev.&Exp: Early Years
PS-301 Sem:History & Systems of Psych
PS-303 Research Methods Psy I/Lab
PS-303X Lab
PS-304 Research Methods Psy II/Lab
PS-304X Lab
PS-306 Cultural Psychology
PS-307 Child Development
PS-309 Abnormal Psychology/Adult
PS-310 Psychology of Adolescence
PS-311 Adulthood and Aging
PS-312 Social Psychology
PS-314 Child Psychopathology
PS-314A Abnormal PS:Child/Adolescent
PS-320 Psychology of Women
PS-321 Cognitive Processes
PS-327 Group Process
PS-328 Positive Psychology
PS-329 Human Neuropsychology
PS-329A Neuropsychology
PS-340 Theory/Practice of Psychology
PS-402 Seminar: Problems in Psych.
PS-402C Capstone
PS-409A Independent Study
PS-409B Tutorial
PS-409C Internship
PS-410A Independent Study
PS-410B Tutorial
PS-410C Internship
PS-411A Independent Study
PS-411C Internship
PS-440 Theory & Practice of Psy. I
PS-441 Theory & Practice of Psy. II
PS-610 Adv Behavioral Science
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