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CH-101 Intro.Chemistry I:General/Lab
CH-101R Intr.Chem I:Review/Exam
CH-101X Lab
CH-102 Intro.Chem.II:Org&Biochem/Lab
CH-102R IntrChemII:Review/Exam
CH-102X Lab
CH-103 Chem.Structure & Reactions/Lab
CH-103X Lab
CH-104 Chem Structure & Reactions/Lab
CH-104X Lab
CH-105 Intro. Chemisty/Lab
CH-105X Lab
CH-202 Science and Society
CH-203 Sci. in Perspective:Chemistry
CH-301 Seminar: Hist. Perspective
CH-302 Selected Topics in Chemistry
CH-303 Environ Science & Toxicology
CH-305 Organic Chemistry/Lab
CH-305X Lab
CH-305XA Lab
CH-305XB Lab
CH-306 Organic Chemistry/Lab
CH-306X Lab
CH-307 Physical Chemistry
CH-307X Lab
CH-308 Physical Chemistry
CH-308X Lab
CH-309 Advanced Organic Chemistry
CH-311 Sci Visual,Simul&Computation
CH-312 Molecular Structure
CH-313 Analytical Chemistry/Lab
CH-313X Lab
CH-314 Inorganic Chemistry
CH-315 Biochemistry
CH-316 Biochemistry/Lab
CH-316X Lab
CH-319 Biochem of Nutrition
CH-321 Instrumental Analysis/Lab
CH-321X Lab
CH-402 Molecular Structure
CH-402A Sem:Science & Public Policy
CH-404 Sem:Biochemical Topics
CH-404C Capstone
CH-409A Independent Study
CH-409B Tutorial
CH-409C Internship
CH-410A Independent Study
CH-410B Tutorial
CH-410C Internship
CH-411C Internship
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