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Regis Summer Scholars

High School ProgramA program specifically designed for current high school students.

Please check back in December for Summer 2018 program Information.

Rising high school juniors and seniors explore academic interests, join a vibrant community and experience college life at Regis this summer.

Below is information about the 2017 program:

Save the dates

The 2017 Summer Scholars program will take place from Sunday, July 23, 2017 through Saturday, August 5, 2017 at Regis in Weston, Massachusetts. The students will reside for two weeks on campus in our new Maria Hall residential suites, enroll in academic courses, experience student life, and prepare for college admission and success!


  • Enroll in two college-credit introductory courses (English and Health Sciences) during the our six-week Summer Session II (Monday, June 26, 2017 through Saturday, August 5, 2017). The first four weeks coursework will be completed online and the last two weeks will be on campus with our dynamic faculty.
  • Jumpstart your college career and experience learning in a college setting taught by a Regis professor and learn through iPad-enhanced coursework.
  • Complete the program and receive a certificate of achievement and six college credits!


  • Spend two weeks living in our new residence hall while making new friends.
  • Enjoy our beautiful campus and surrounding community through scheduled activities including games, bowling, movies, day trips, and more!


  • Explore being a college student in greater Boston through exciting co-curricular opportunities and trips to a Red Sox game, Faneuil Hall, and a Boston Harbor Cruise.
  • Find out new interests, major options, and career paths.
  • Prepare for the college admissions process and how to write a unique college essay!

The 2017 cost for the Summer Scholars program (including the six college credits) is $1,500.

Apply today!

Complete your 2017 Regis Summer Scholars Program Application!

Summer 2017 Program Directors

David Gilmore, MS, Assistant Professor
Mark Harrington, EdD, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Regis Summer Scholars Program at summerscholars@regiscollege.edu.

Courses and Faculty

All Regis Summer Scholars enroll in Writing Seminar and Healthcare Professions.

EN 105 Writing Seminar
Julie Lisella, PhD, Associate Professor

The Writing Seminar provides a workshop setting in which first-year students explore writing for learning and communication. The seminar focuses on the complementary skills of speaking, listening, responding, and reading and thinking critically. Emphasis in the workshop is on process, peer group work, and constant revision. Students produce a portfolio of writing for evaluation at the end of the semester, which includes critical and analytical nonfiction writing, as well as personal narrative. Conferences with instructors and writing assistants outside of class supplement in-class workshops. EN 105 (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for all literature and writing courses.

ID 230 The Interdependence of Healthcare Professions in the U.S.
Susan Carroccino, MSN, Assistant Professor

This course examines the foundations of the present day healthcare system in the United States and the roles of the different healthcare professions within it. The collaborative aspects of the healthcare professions along with trends and opportunities in the field will be addressed. Topics important to healthcare will be considered, including ethics, culture, professionalism, communication, and health disparities.

Regis College: Summer Scholars
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a pre-college program designed for current high school students.