Steps in Securing an Internship

Internships are one of the best ways to gain professional experience and to solidify your career goals while you are still in college. Most employers expect to see at least one, and in many cases two internships during the college years. Keep in mind that you should begin the process of finding an internship two semesters ahead of time. Many organizations have specific time frames in which they hire interns. Plan to begin your search early so you do not miss the opportunity.

Set your Goals. Before you start looking for an internship, consider these issues.

  • Career Field: If you are doing an internship for academic credit, your internship will have to be directly related to your major. For example, a biology major may pursue an internship in a research lab. If you are doing an internship to explore possible career fields that are not directly related to your academic major, it probably will not be eligible for academic credit but will enable you to explore other possibilities. Either way, an internship is strongly recommended and may even be required for your degree. (Academic credit may be given to juniors and seniors, only, but students can do an internship that’s not for credit at any time.)
  • Pay: Do you have to be paid for an internship or can you afford to consider unpaid opportunities? Fields such as business, science and technology often offer some compensation while non-profit organizations usually cannot afford to pay you.
  • Location: What is your geographic preference? If you do not have access to a car, you will probably need to have public transportation accessible. Be sure to select an internship in a location that works for you and your schedule.
  • Timeframe: Do you want to do your internship in the summer? During the school year? How many hours can you work? Please note that internships can, and should be done at any time throughout the college experience. If a student wants to receive academic credit for the internship, they must be a junior or a senior and the internship must take place throughout the spring or fall semesters.

Research the available opportunities.

  • Network, network, network. Ask everyone you know if they have any suggestions where you can secure an internship.
  • Check the Internship listings at the Center for Internships and Career Placement (College Hall, Room 209).
  • Ask your Faculty Advisor if he/she knows of any possible internship opportunities.
  • Research internships online: or are but a few places you can find internships online.
  • If you currently have a part-time job, ask your supervisor if it would be possible to do an internship with them. Be sure to distinguish between your current tasks and typical Intern responsibilities. The Center for Internships and Career Placement can help with that.

Apply for as many internship opportunities as you can.

  • Complete your resume and cover letter. Be sure there are no typos and that both the resume and cover letter align with the position responsibilities.
  • Follow the exact application instructions that are listed on the job description.
  • Follow up on every application you complete. Call the organization one week after you apply to see if they got your application. Ask when they might make some decisions and if it is OK to follow up periodically.

Interview and accept the internship.

If your internship is for academic credit…
Satisfy the Regis College requirements for academic credit internships

Before the internship

  • Review the Regis College Academic Internship Handbook
  • Register for the course with the Registrar.*
  • Obtain a Faculty Sponsor for the Internship. He/she must approve the internship and deem it eligible for academic credit.
  • Complete the Internship Agreement Form and submit it with your resume and a copy of the job description to the Center of Internships and Career Placement by the last day of drop/add for the semester.

*As of September 2013, internships for academic credit must take place during the spring or fall semesters, only.

During the internship

Once the internship is completed

Both forms must be submitted to the Center for Internships and Career Placement by the last day of classes for the semester. A copy of the Supervisor Evaluation of Intern form must also be submitted to the Faculty Advisor. Failure to complete these forms on time will result in loss of academic credit.

Contact Information

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Office Hours

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9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Regis College Center for Internships and Career Placement: Steps in Securing an Internship
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Steps in Securing an Internship