Post Master’s Master's Certificate Program in Higher Education Leadership Curriculum

ED 801 Higher Education Leadership, Policy and Context

A critical examination of higher education leadership and organizational theories and their corresponding practices within the context of educational systems. Critical assessment and practical application and exploration of effective and ethical leadership practices, systems theory, culture, and change processes as they relate to individuals and organizations.

ED 829 Co-Curricular Development in Higher Education

This course focuses on the evolving learning-centered co-curricular environments of higher education. Candidates will use a problem-based learning approach to examine both the theory and application of experiential learning and community service learning curricula. Candidates will analyze research in the area of service learning, model strategies and pedagogial methods inherent in service learning, and develop a co-curricular service project or model for possible application.

ED 831 Measurement and Assessment

This course provides an introduction to issues in educational measurement and assessment with an emphasis on applications in higher education settings. Topics include: types of assessments including standardized tests, portfolios, performance tasks, computer adaptive tests; test development; item writing and analysis; test administration; evaluating tests and items including reliability and validity; and interpreting test results.

ED 835 Higher Education Finance: Strategy, Costs and Value

Focuses on the knowledge and skills required to effectively deal with financial changes and trends for institutions of higher education. Candidates will develop their skills in analysis and evaluation of issues from multiple perspectives, including administrative, consumer and societal (government and organizations in the private sector that influence the source and use of funds). The course will first focus on the financial management of higher education (administrative perspective) regarding effectiveness and efficiency issues associated with the use of funds. In addition, it will then address the consumer perspective (access and choice issues in financing students) focusing on the source of institutional funds, state and federal policies and programs, and budgeting to inform the learner from that perspective.

New students may be eligible for a New Student Discount of 20% off of the first 2 courses in the program.

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