ACE is Subject Tutoring in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Subject Tutoring Info

Subject tutors provide students with personalized instruction in subject specific classes. This tutoring is available to all Regis students, free of charge, on an appointment basis. The goal of our program is to provide guidance and instruction that fosters independent learning. In other words, to help students help themselves.

Why do students sign up for Subject Tutoring?

There are many reasons that students sign up. Some are looking for extra review with class content to better understand new concepts and information they are learning. Others seek assistance to review and prepare for quizzes and exams. Often students are in need of suggestions on specific study strategies, based on their strengths as a learner, to approach their course material.

No matter what the reason, these motivated students know they can benefit greatly from working with a college peer who has successfully mastered the course in which the student is currently enrolled.

Who are the Subject Tutors?

Regis tutors are “master students” who have excelled in the courses they tutor. They are professional, well-trained, highly knowledgeable and chosen by their professors to provide individualized support to students. All student tutors participate in a comprehensive training program that includes discussion of professional conduct, teaching practices, positive psychology, and administrative methods.

What subjects are supported by tutors?

These are some of the disciplines in which tutors provide support. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact the Subject Tutoring Coordinator to find the specific support you need.

Art, Music and Theatre Communication
Education Criminal Justice
Ethics History
Philosophy Politics
Psychology Religion
Social Work Women’s Studies
World Languages  

How do faculty and ACE collaborate?

ACE strongly encourages students to connect with their faculty, and faculty to connect with their students. Before seeking out tutoring, the first step as a student is always to contact your professor by email, or by attending their office hours. This faculty connection is critical to a student’s academic success. To find out the office hours of an instructor, students should refer to the course syllabus and Starfish to schedule an individual office visit.

Faculty regularly recommends talented students to become tutors, and refer students who could benefit from tutoring assistance. This partnership between the Peer Tutoring Program and our Regis faculty is central to the university’s ability to provide the highest quality support to all Regis students.

How do I sign up to work with a tutor?

Please pick up a blue Tutor Request Form outside from ACE and return it to Ben Remillard with the times you are available, contact information, and the help you are requesting.

How do I sign up to become a Subject Tutor?

Pick up a Peer Tutor Application Packet outside from ACE and return it to Ben Remillard with all of the relevant information, including a copy of your academic transcript.

As a faculty member, how do I refer students to tutoring?

The collaboration between ACE and our Regis faculty is invaluable to our students’ continued academic success. We work closely to ensure that tutorial support is available whenever there is a student need. Please email ACE directly with your recommendations and referrals.

“My tutor was amazing! When I started working with her I was feeling totally overwhelmed. She helped me to understand course material that I was struggling with. Sometimes just talking through my notes (because she had actually taken the same class) made the biggest difference. I left each session with a better grasp of what we were covering in class. My stress level went down, and my grade went up!”
~Regis Sophomore

Subject tutoring is available at no charge for Regis undergraduates.

Subject tutoring is available at no charge for Regis undergraduates.

Contact Person

Ben Remillard
Academic Support Specialist & Subject Tutor Coordinator
Library Second Floor


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