M.Ed Master of Education

Description Objectives Curriculum Experience Next Steps

Tuition Credits for Graduation Time to Complete
$670 /credit
Academic Year 2018-2019
18-36 semester hours 1-2 years

Program Description

Today’s demanding education environment values teachers with a passionate commitment to learning - professionals who demonstrate excellence in both the teaching of content and the dedication to student outcomes. If you are looking to become a licensed teacher or are a current teacher who needs an advanced degree, the MEd Master of Education will provide the skills you need to impact the lives of your students.


Program Objectives

Regis offers two MEd Master of Education programs that will prepare you to implement both innovative methods and standard education practices to create a challenging, engaging, and nurturing classroom environment



In the tradition of eighty years of teacher education at Regis within the liberal arts, our master’s programs help teachers gain the understanding of students' needs, curriculum planning, and instruction.

Contact Dr. Priscilla Boerger, program director for more information


Gaining Experience

Field Experience allows students to apply the skills learned within the program in current classroom settings. Recent field experience placements include local public schools in Wayland, Boston, Weston, Framingham, and Waltham. Regis MEd Master of Education graduates are working in various school districts including Waltham, and Wayland, as well as in the Gifford School in Weston.


Next Steps

Please note that up to two graduate courses may be taken at Regis prior to applying and/or being accepted to the program. Please contact the graduate admission office at 781-768-7330 or graduatedepartment@regiscollege.edu for more information.

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MEd Master of Education programs are designed for students with a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject who have an interest in the field.

Application requirements:

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 from an undergraduate degree
  • MAT or GRE score (this requirement may be waived by earning a grade of B or higher in the first two courses taken)
  • Completed application form and transcripts
  • A resume; personal statement; two letters of recommendation
  • An interview with the MEd Master of Education Program Director


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