M.Ed. Master of Education in Teaching Special Education

Description Objectives Curriculum Experience Next Steps

Tuition Credits for graduation Time to Complete
$670/credit 30 credit hours w/Initial Licensure; 18 credits/professional licensures 1 year full-time

M.Ed. Program Description

In an effort to address the universal need for special education teachers, this program strongly focuses on classroom inclusion. During this one-year accelerated program, students learn the skills to develop innovative methods and sound educational practices to create challenging, engaging classrooms for students of all abilities. The M.Ed. Master of Education in Teaching Special Education Program at Regis is designed to prepare you to teach students with moderate disabilities in grade levels Pre-K–8 and 5–12.

In addition to the M.Ed. in Special Education, students can enroll in the following options:

  • Dual M.Ed. in Special Education/Master's in ABA program
  • M.Ed. in Special Education with a specialization in ABA

Learn more about the dual special education and ABA options here.


 M.Ed. Program Objectives

The M.Ed. Master of Education in Teaching Special Education prepares you to become:

  • A highly competent teaching professional
  • Deeply knowledgeable in a range of disciplines related to the needs of children with disabilities
  • Skilled in instruction and the ability to collaborate with families and other stakeholders within the learning environment.

Masters of Education in Teaching Special Education with Initial Licensure Program

For individuals seeking initial licensure to teach in the State of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) requires candidates to:

  • Complete 30 credit hours of graduate level instruction and licensure preparation in teaching students with Moderate Special Disabilities;
  • Pass the Foundations of Reading, the General Curriculum Multi-Subject Test and the Mathematics Sub-test portions of the MTEL to register for Practicum;
  • Pass all required MTEL exams before completing the program for degree conferral.

Special Education with Professional Licensure Program

For individuals seeking to pursue Professional licensure, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) requires candidates to:

  • Complete 18 credits hours of graduate level instruction in content areas specific to special education.


 M.Ed. Curriculum

The program provides a rigorous curriculum, focused on pedagogical practices, assessment and issues specific to Special Education.

Fall Courses

Spring Courses 

Summer Courses 

Coursework includes:

  • Contemporary Issues in Special Education
  • Literacy Development Including Special Needs Teaching
  • Classroom Management for Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Classrooms


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Gaining Experience

Field Experience allows students to apply skills, learned within the program, in classroom settings. Recent field placements include local public schools in Wayland, Boston, Weston, Framingham, and Waltham. Several of our M.Ed. Master of Education graduates are working in various school districts including Waltham, Wayland, as well as the Gifford School in Weston


Next Steps

Please note that up to two graduate courses may be taken at Regis prior to applying and/or being accepted to the program. Please contact the graduate admission office at 781-768-7330 or graduatedepartment@regiscollege.edu for more information.

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The following are required of applicants interested in the M.Ed. Master of Education in Teaching Special Education:

Application requirements:

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 from an undergraduate degree
  • MAT or GRE score (this requirement may be waived by earning a grade of B or higher in the first two courses taken)
  • Completed application form and transcripts
  • A resume; personal statement; two letters of recommendation
  • An interview with the M.Ed. Master of Education Program Director


Contact Information

Hillary Lyons

Regis College Master's Programs