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HP-103 Introduction to Nutrition
HP-200 Intro. to Public Health
HP-203 Intro. to Epidemiology
HP-206 Into. to Global Health
HP-300 Health and the Environment
HP-409A Independent Study
HP-600 Biostatistics
HP-601 Health Ethics & Law
HP-602 Concepts in Health Admin.
HP-603 Adv.Wrt.Health Professions
HP-605 US Health Care:Org,Policy,Pol
HP-606 Analysis Public Health Issues
HP-608 Health Care Quality Management
HP-609 Hlth Policy,Polit,Perspective
HP-611 Mgmt.Accounting in Health Care
HP-614 Financial Analysis Health Admi
HP-617 Quantitative Methods Hlth Adm
HP-619 ResearchMethods:HlthProfessio
HP-620 Field Experience:Health Admin
HP-622 Economics of Health Care
HP-623 Geront:MultidisciplinaryScien
HP-626 Soc.Pol.Econ.Perpec in Geront
HP-629 Chronic Illness & Aging
HP-632 Geront./Geriatric Mentorship
HP-633 Intro.Epidemiologic Methods
HP-635 Health Information Systems
HP-638 Strat. Leadership in Hlth Info
HP-641 Health Info.Systems Mentorship
HP-643 Database Design&Dev.Hlthcare
HP-645 Science of Integrative Health
HP-648 Strat.Mgmt.Health Care Org.
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