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CP-600 Soc.Cultural Foundation of CP
CP-604 Theories of Counseling I
CP-605 Theories of Counseling II
CP-608 Lifespan Development
CP-610 Prin &Techniques Counseling
CP-612 Ethical&Legal Issues&Consider
CP-614 Psychopathology
CP-620 Child&Adol.PsychopathologyThr
CP-624 TreatingAddiction:Dynam&Treat
CP-625 Exp.Therapies&Comp.Treatments
CP-632 Group Dynamics&Development
CP-638 Voc Counseling & Assessment
CP-640 Clinical Assessment & Eval.
CP-642 Trauma Assessment &Treatment
CP-644 Counseling&LGBTQI Individuals
CP-645 Couples Counseling
CP-660 CounselingPsychologyPracticum
CP-690 Counseling Psych.Internship I
CP-691 CounselingPsych.Internship II
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