Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates offer career changers and working professionals an affordable option to gain education and training needed to improve career opportunities and boost your professional skills. Graduate certificates can make you more marketable, knowledgeable, and capable in the workplace.

Best of all, our graduate certificates can be completely quickly and efficiently. In just 4-6 courses, you can earn a graduate certificate at Regis. Graduate certificates may be completely independently or applied towards one of our Masters degrees. Alumni of a Regis Graduate Program (within the past five years) who are applying to a Regis Graduate Certificate Program are not required to resubmit transcripts, a letter of recommendation, or personal statement. A completed application form is the only additional requirement.

Up to two courses may be taken prior to applying to the program, and the option to waive the GRE requirement is available for all certificate programs.

Graduate Certificate in Health Administration

The Graduate Certificate in Health Administration provides students fundamental business skills along with a broad understanding of management in a health care setting. Health administrators need to possess a variety of management, communication, and leadership skills. They work in various types of health care facilities that provide a wide array of health care services and levels of care. Techniques of analysis and evaluation will be applied to the delivery of health services.


Graduate Certificate in Regulatory or Clinical Research Management

The Graduate Certificates in Regulatory Management or Clinical Research Management are designed for candidates with baccalaureate degrees in the sciences or who are currently working in the regulatory field (with permission of director). Candidates for this program are those men and women who wish to advance in professional training or seek a career in the biotechnology, device, or pharmaceutical industries. Candidates usually seek the Graduate Certificate either as a first venture into graduate studies or as a supplement to a graduate degree that they have earned or are currently pursuing.


Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

The Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics is designed to introduce health care providers to the informatics industry; its current state of the art, systems, and management. Students will learn essential competencies needed to participate in the strategic leadership of information systems and explore the industry through a self-designed practice mentorship. The program will employ a case study method/problem based method in the classroom. Faculty will work with students to design a field experience most appropriate to meet their professional goals. The certificate will be comprised of three didactic courses and a field/mentorship experience.


Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

The Graduate Certificate in Gerontology is designed for students who wish to prepare for work with older adults and for professionals already working with the elderly. Nurses, physicians, health care administrators, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and social workers are among those for whom this certificate is designed. The program provides a background of basic knowledge in gerontology and permits students to acquire knowledge, in the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, political and economic issues related to aging through a multidisciplinary approach. This program provides students with a concentrated curriculum in the multidimensional aspects of the field of gerontology, along with exposure to the multidisciplinary field of gerontology, through work with mentors/experts in practice.


Graduate Certificate in Public Health

The Graduate Certificate in Public Health is designed for individuals interested in working within public, community, or environmental health and seeking additional training in order to expand on and/or transition job responsibilities. This certificate will provide students with specialized knowledge concerning the unique factors influencing public health, thus promoting health, preventing illness, and allowing individuals to make a difference within the community.


Graduate Certificate in Integrative Health

The Graduate Certificate in Integrative Health provides an opportunity for nursing professionals to develop more fully their knowledge, skills and commitment to holistic practice. The courses are designed to address the overall scope of modalities and their use and the science behind them, as well as an in depth focus on integrative health in one specific area. All candidates participate in a mentorship experience tailored to the candidate's own level of experience and career interests.


Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Regis affords the student the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of ABA while gaining valuable experiences applying and evaluating the principles and methods of ABA in a supervised setting. The certificate program is designed for students currently holding a Bachelors or Masters Degree in an approved field of study as determined by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®.


Graduate Certificate in Health Communication

Effective communication is playing an increasingly important role at all levels in today’s complex health care environment. The Graduate Certificate for Health Communication provides students with the communication strategies and tools they need to successfully meet workplace challenges. Candidates with a bachelor's degree who seek a Graduate Certificate in Health Communication complete four courses of study (12 credits).


Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing for New Media

The Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing for New Media you will gain and improve writing skills through hands-on lessons and instruction by professionals in journalism, public relations, communications and creative nonfiction. Practice applying new technologies in social media and digital publication. Learn skills for in-demand areas such as health, science or business writing, writing for nonprofits, and public relations. Take internships for real-world experience.


Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies

The Museum Studies program at Regis is one of only two programs in Massachusetts recommended by the Smithsonian. It introduces students to the history, internal workings, and the significant public place of museums in today's society. Students examine grant-writing, collections management, interpretive analysis, exhibition design, and nonprofit governance. They receive hands-on experience with diverse aspects of museum work through professional internships, and explore the history of museums, in addition to new challenges faced by museum leaders today.


Graduate Certificates: Master's Programs at Regis College
Enroll in a Regis graduate certificate program. Geared for career changers and working professionals, earn a certificate in a few as 4 to 6 classes.