Academic Advising for Graduate Students

All accepted graduate students are assigned a faculty advisor. For most graduate programs, the faculty advisor is the Graduate Program Director. The advisor and contact information are indicated in your acceptance letter. A phone or in-person appointment should be made with your advisor during your academic career to confirm your curriculum plan. Please consult the "My Profile" section on Regis Access to view your faculty advisor information. If you are a new student interested in taking your first course in a graduate program, please contact the admission representative for your program of interest.

Degree Audit Tool for Graduate Students

Regis offers a “Degree Audit” tool for Graduate students. This is a great way to review your curriculum requirements and decide on classes for upcoming semesters.

If you are accepted and enrolled in a program, the Degree Audit is a great way to confirm that you will meet all requirements.

To access Degree Audit, take the following steps:

  1. Log-in to Regis Access and click on “Students Menu”
  2. Under “Academic Profile”, click on “Degree Audit”
  3. Select the program you would like to evaluate from the “Program Evaluation” form by clicking on the circle to the left of the program’s name.
  4. Click the submit button to display the degree audit.

If you are unsure of your Faculty Advisor or are unable to reach him or her, please contact Director of Graduate Student Affairs Evan Maloney at

Regis College Academic Services & Support: Academic Advising for Master's Nursing Students
Academic Advising for Graduate Students,
Academic Advising for Graduate Students