The practicum course at Regis offers students the opportunity to earn academic credit for gain real-world, workplace experience. Regis believes that this type of learning is essential to preparing our students to step directly from the classroom into the work force as productive, valuable employees. See below for some examples of our students' experiences.

Nicole Skarbek '15

"My role as a coordinator has granted me far more creative direction than any other position, while preparing me for the real-world event planning market."

Jacqui Williams '15

"It is an amazing feeling to walk into an event and feel that sense of accomplishment, because you helped to make it possible."

Karynne Creech '15

"It has made me a stronger person, dealing with various personalities in the workplace and how to effectively work alongside certain personalities."

Kristen Coogan

Kristen Coogan '17

"My coursework revolves heavily around writing and communication. I chose this program because Organizational and Professional Communication offers a broad range of opportunity for my future."

Regis College Master's Communication: Practicum