Capstone Thesis or Project Curriculum & Course Descriptions

The capstone requirement of the MS in Organizational and Professional Communication can take the form of a traditional research thesis, using quantitatively or qualitatively based methodology, or it may be an applied project in which the student prepares an in-depth organizational plan relevant to a specific organization in the corporate or not for profit sector. In either case, a thorough review of the pertinent literature is expected and should form the foundation for the thesis/project development.

If the project option is chosen, it could focus on a company or organization in which the student has actual work experience, or it may involve an area in which the student aspires to work in the future. Above all, it is essential that a student’s choice be dictated by the feasibility of carrying out the work in a single semester, the expected time frame for its completion.

Maureen MartinezThe Capstone Thesis is an exciting and challenging project offering an opportunity to research and explore your areas of interest by applying the core curriculum of the Master of Science Organizational and Professional Communication program. The thesis study is an experience of discovery. It leads you to explore and develop new ideas while learning about yourself and others through the process. The thesis is the last requirement to complete the Master’s program, but I would say - the most important. Here is your opportunity to concentrate on your specific interest of study and to perfect your skills in research, technical writing, interviewing and presentation. Every step of the way you are supported by an expert faculty advisor who offers continued guidance, evaluation and constructive feedback. Ultimately, the rewards of completing a thesis are both personal and professional. The Capstone Thesis is an enriched learning journey that afforded me new insight, knowledge and confidence. It is an invaluable experience that has transcended and advanced my career.
- Maureen Martinez
   MS in Organizational & Professional Communication, 2008.

Regis College Master's Programs: Capstone Thesis or Project Curriculum