Media Technology

Media Technology is responsible for managing most of the media equipment on campus. This includes computer and video projection equipment, sound systems and audio equipment, video production equipment, our radio and TV stations and many other media-related systems. There are 30 classrooms and 6 computer labs with installed computer/video projection equipment, and a number of portable systems available for rooms that do not have equipment installed. Sound systems are installed in most meeting rooms and larger classrooms.

Come to the Media Center, located in Room 20A, for assistance in determining the appropriate technology required for your project. If you need microphones or to play music, get in touch with Media Technology; we handle video and audio taping of major events and classes. You may also come to the Media Center to pick up equipment for use in a class or at a Regis College event. We have digital audio recorders, digital cameras and camcorders, and boom-boxes with new equipment being added all the time. We also have media suites where you come to get help with editing video or audio, duplicating CDs and DVDs or other media production related activities, while getting the support and training to make these projects manageable. For the Regis College campus community a form is available on Regisnet that allows you to reserve equipment for use in classrooms or meeting rooms on campus. The direct link to the form is here.



College Hall Room 20A

Contact Information

   (ext. 8340 on campus)

Mailing Address

Box 964
235 Wellesley Street
Weston, MA 02493

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Media Technology
Media Technology