LLARC Committee

LLARC Council

  • Kathleen Scranton
  • Paul McNulty
  • Charles McWilliams-Secretary
  • Muriel Stern Riseman
  • William Brady - Vice Chair
  • Bernard Vivolo
  • Mary Egan - Chair
  • Bonnie Parri

Curriculum Committee

  • Marge Ackerman
  • Benje Freedman - Chair
  • Joan Kalafatas
  • Donna Papapietro
  • Verna Rankin
  • Richard Lucas
  • Ann Lally
  • Max Bermann
  • Barbara Tymann
  • Kathie Strehle
  • Loretta Rosetti

Lunch, Listen, and Learn Committee

  • Jeanne White
  • Mary Antes
  • Pauline Drew 
  • Irene Dhosi  
  • Ellen Barnes
  • Janice Power
  • Michele Corneille Krahmer
  • Marvin Fox
  • Barbara Fox

Membership Committee

  • Phyllis Beck
  • Ellen Barnes
  • Barbara Brocado
  • Gretchen Daggett

Regis College Liaison

  • Jill Rosen

For information about how you can contribute your time and talents, please call Jill Rosen at 781-768-7135 or email llarc@regiscollege.edu.

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Participation in LLARC


Enjoy all the Benefits of Membership
• $75 per year

Semester Enrollment

Enroll in one or more Study Groups in addition to enjoying all of the basic benefits of membership
• $175 semester tuition
  (in addition to the prerequisite
  annual membership fee)

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