Lifelong Learning At Regis College

What is Lifelong Learning at Regis College?

Lifelong Learning at Regis College (LLARC) is a membership organization which offers daytime programs created by older adults who like to learn something new in their leisure time. LLARC involves no tests, term papers, or credits, nor any previous college experience. It is a chance to learn purely for the fun of it and to meet new people of varied backgrounds and interests. Our common denominator is eagerness to expand our minds in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere.

Welcome Aboard!

The evidence is in the growing. We are expanding our learning experience, enjoying a wider selection of courses and appealing to a larger membership. From a short semester of six 6-week courses in the spring of 2005, we have expanded the course selection and this new fall program includes 27 study groups. We also offer the Lunch, Listen & Learn program on Tuesdays when we gather at the Fine Arts Center to have lunch and listen to speakers on various topics.

Thanks are due to the volunteer leaders who provide a wide variety of study groups in a number of different disciplines, whose knowledge and leadership skills show up in every class. Thanks also go to all the volunteers who make this program work. They form committees, assume responsibility for recruiting members as well as leaders, and are enthusiastic about following through in all sorts of ways. People are enjoying this program and it is making a big difference in the lives of a wide community of friends.

As our sponsor, Regis College gives us access to facilities, staff guidance, and support services. It’s up to us, the members, to make it function smoothly and well. In this, we are ably assisted by Regis staff who arrange for classrooms and equipment and have instituted an orderly registration process. The strength of the LLARC program is in the opportunity to grow and the excitement of widening our horizons through learning.

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Enjoy all the Benefits of Membership
• $75 per year

Semester Enrollment

Enroll in one or more Study Groups in addition to enjoying all of the basic benefits of membership
• $175 semester tuition
  (in addition to the prerequisite
  annual membership fee)

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