School of Liberal Arts, Education and Social Sciences
Bachelor and Master's Programs

The School of Liberal Arts, Education and Social Sciences at Regis College offers baccalaureate and master’s level programs. Undergraduate Pathways in Education and Liberal Arts, and in Business and Social Science, offer a range of majors and minors designed to combine academic knowledge with practical experience. Graduate Pathways in Education and in Communication provide in-depth professional knowledge and broader professional preparation.

All major and minor programs are complemented by a strong core curriculum that provides skills and knowledge characteristic of a liberally educated person. Blending theory with practical experience, each program at Regis College is designed to help students develop values, ideas, and intellectual skills for life and leadership, as well as for professional success.

The Regis experience includes a welcoming community and a caring, inclusive environment, in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, founders of Regis College. Students, staff, faculty and administration are committed to continuing and enhancing this welcoming spirit.

Regis College School of Liberal Arts, Education and Social Sciences
School of Liberal Arts, Education,Social Sciences
Regis College, ranked a top college by the Princeton review, offers Bachelor and Master's programs for Liberal Arts, Education, and Social Sciences.