Institutional Review Board Members


Member Name Highest
Professional Affiliation
Beaulieu, Laurena PhD Assistant Professor/Director of Applied Behavioral Analysis Program, Psychology
Bishop, Leslie PhD Associate Professor of Chemistry
Cawley, Elizabeth PhD Academic Assessment Liaison
Christie, John PhD Assistant Professor of Global Business Management and Economics
Clark, Hugh PhD Associate Professor and Director of Social Work Program
Collamati, Ernest PhD Associate Professor/Department Chair Philosophy and Religious Studies
Cromwell, Michellea PhD Associate Professor of Politics and Social Justice
Feinblatt, Joel PhD Retired Associate Professor, Director of Regulatory and Clinical Research Management Program
Heinrichs, Stephena PhD Lecturer of Psychology
Malachowski, Colleena PhD Assistant Professor of Communication
Oot-Hayes, Margareta* PhD Associate Professor of Nursing
Sawyer, Susana PhD Associate Professor of Nursing
Street, Nancy ScD Associate Professor and Program Director of the Haiti Project

a = scientist
b = nonRegis
* = chairperson

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IRB Chair

Margaret Oot-Hayes, PhD
Associate Professor of Nursing


Regis College Institutional Review Board: Members
Members of the Regis Institutional Review Board