iPads for all at Regis

Regis College was the first institution of higher learning in New England to issue Apple iPad tablet computers to all full-time undergraduate and graduate students and faculty.

Launched in 2012, the College’s pioneering iPad initiative continues to advance the way the Regis community teaches and learns, fueling curricular innovation, creating classrooms without walls, and preparing students for the technology-driven careers that await them.

In 2014, Regis was recognized as an Apple Distinguished School. The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for institution-wide programs that meet criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and demonstrate a clear vision of exemplary learning environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why an iPad initiative?

Q. Is Regis unusual in providing iPads for its students?

A. Definitely. While other colleges are thinking about it, Regis, as the Metrowest Daily News put it on July 24, is “leading the way.” To our knowledge, no other college or university in the greater Boston area is embarking on an initiative of this scale and significance.

Q. How many iPads are involved in the Regis launch of the initiative?

A. About 1,250 iPads.

Q. What are the specific advantages to using the iPad and providing them to virtually everyone on campus?

A. One incredible benefit is the mobility, the ability to use anywhere on campus. Unlike the traditional laptop, the iPad is easily carried into class and out into the field. We view it as a game changer.

Q. Who will get iPads?

A. All full time people, depending on your status:

  • Undergraduate: all full-time students
  • Graduate & Professional Studies Students: for now, that depends on the graduate program
  • Faculty: all full time and half-time faculty


Graduate and Professional Studies Students


Receiving your iPad

Q. When will students receive their iPad?

A. Students will receive their iPads during their first year on Regis Move-In Day. The Division of Student Affairs will send information during the summer about this. For more information, visit the #RegisMoveIn website.

Q. I already have an iPad. Will I be able to use that one?

A. No, students need to use the college-provided device to ensure consistency in the technology and the classroom. If you already have an iPad, you can use it in addition to the one furnished through the Regis College iPad program.

Q. Do I still need a computer if I have an iPad?

A. Yes, faculty, staff and students need a computer in addition to the iPad. iPads facilitate collaboration, resource sharing, and quick access to information and social networks, but they are not good for productivity tasks like writing papers, doing complex homework assignments, and creating or responding to resources. Regis has a number of computers for students’ use in labs and the library. Students may also bring their own computers to campus, as always.

Q. Does my iPad come with a case or cover?

A. No, you should definitely obtain one to help protect your iPad from damage due to falling. The Bookstore will offer some covers and they can be obtained at retail outlets as well as online. They run from $15.00 to $150.00. Shop carefully. Ask at the Helpdesk for advice.

Q. Will students return their iPad upon graduation?

A. No. Students will assume ownership of their iPads upon graduation from Regis.

Q. What if I transfer, go on academic leave, or get Suspended?

A. The iPad must be returned to Regis through the Helpdesk.

Q. Can I personalize my iPad?

A. No, do not permanently personalize your iPad! The iPad you are given is rented from Apple and must be returned when you upgrade in two years. Apple will not accept a defaced iPad and you will have to pay for an iPad we can't return. (After you graduate, then the iPad is yours to decorate.)


Costs for participating in the iPad Initiative

Q. Is there an additional fee to the student to have an iPad or participate in the iPad Initiative?

A. Not at the present time. However the College may impose technology fees in the future.

Q. Are there any costs involved for the student?

A. Yes, apps and artifacts (ebooks, videos, etc.) will need to be purchased by the student just like other course materials. As always, which apps and artifacts depends on the course.

Q. How will I get the correct apps and what will it cost?

A. Faculty will identify which apps students need for their classes in their syllabus, as usual.

Q. Am I required to have Internet access at home for the iPad program?

A. No, Regis does not require that parents/students have Internet access at their homes.


iPad Safety and Security

Q. What happens if an iPad gets broken?

A. If an iPad is broken and requires outside repair, the student is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of the iPad. Loaner iPads will be available for temporary use through the ITS Department. We strongly advise purchasing a sturdy cover for your iPad to prevent damage from falls.

Q. What happens if an iPad is lost or stolen?

A. Lost or stolen devices should be reported immediately to Campus Police. Never confront a suspected thief. You could be wrong. Take appropriate precautions to insure that the iPad is handled appropriately and stored securely when not in use.

Q. What safety measures exist?

A. The devices should be locked with a passcode set, passcode lock on, erase all on, and location services enabled. That way, if your iPad is taken, no one can access your private information, codes, and passwords.

Q. What data security issues should I consider?

A. We are committed to internet security for students and faculty. For faculty, secure cloud access will be available in Fall 2012. Students should back up their devices using a secure device or service of their choosing such as iCloud or Google Docs.

Q. Are the iPad serial numbers recorded somewhere?

A. Yes

Q. Are there rules students must follow when using iPads?

A. Absolutey. iPads are powerful tools for recording and eploring the world around you. Their ease of use and mobility make filming and recording your activities seem fun and exciting to share. However, there can be dire consequences from invading the privacy of other. All members of the Regis community are obligated to adhere to the College’s Technology, Ethics and Privacy Agreement. Students who use their iPads inappropriately may face judicial action at the discretion of the College.


Using the iPad on Campus

Q. Where can I learn about the iPad?

A. You can learn about the iPad in several ways:

Q. How does my Regis College iPad access the internet?

A. The iPads provided by Regis are Wi-Fi enabled only and cannot access a data plan. The entire campus now is blanketed Wi-Fi access. For best collaboration in the classroom, use only the RegisSecure wifi network. To log in, use your Regis mail username and password.

Q. Will there be any training for students on how to use the iPad?

A. Yes. Students will receive technology training at the start of the semester and may also visit the ITS Helpdesk in College Hall with questions about the iPad. Information about these training sessions will be posted on the campus calendar and announced through Regis email. Plus, faculty will work with the students based on the apps they are using.

Q. What tech support is available if there are problems along the way?

A. Students should take all questions about technology to the Helpdesk in College Hall CH131. You can also reach the Help desk via phone at 781-768-7177 or by e-mail.


Using the iPad in classes

Q. How to I connect to the internet on campus and to other iPads in the classroom?

A. Use only the wifi connection called RegisSecure when you are on campus because connection to classroom apps is only available when you are logged on to this wifi network. (The other wifi connections listed on campus provide reduced access). To log on to RegisSecure, use your Regismail username and password.

Q. Are students obligated to bring iPads to classes? What if he or she doesn’t?

A. Like other class materials, iPads should be brought to class regularly. Nothing derails a class as fast as students coming to class without the tools they need. Faculty members set policy on class requirements.

Q. Will all textbooks be available electronically next year?

A. No, not all textbooks are currently available electronically, though many students have already been accessing ebooks for years. Students should check course syllabi for details on course materials.

Note: if your professor specifies a particular ebook reader, be sure to download that ereader app and buy books only from that app's associated store (for example, Amazon store and Kindle reader, or iBooks store and iBooks reader). Each reader has its own set of features. You can't transfer a book from one reader to another (for example from Kindle to iBooks). If you buy a book in the wrong app, You have to buy the book again to read it in the correct app.

Q. How specifically will the professors be using the iPad?

A. iPad use on classes will vary and depend on the individual faculty member and course, as well as on the program and department in which the course is taught. There is no required minimum use by faculty of iPads. But even at this early stage most faculty are already planning to use iPads in at least one task in their classes. Even if your professor is not using iPads in a course, students can still use their iPads to take notes and engage the material in class, at the discretion of their professor.

Q. How will iPads affect one-on-one contact with the teacher?

A. The iPads will increase the contact as students and faculty learn to use calendar and scheduling features as well as have readier access to one another through familiar platforms like email, chat, and social media.

Q. Will iPads be permitted in tests?

A. This will vary and is at the discretion of the individual faculty member, program, and department.

Q. How will you monitor cheating or plagiarism?

A. Regis will monitor for cheating in the same ways faculty monitor any kind of on line testing, handwritten testing, or plagiarism now.

Q. What applications (apps) will be used in class use?

A. Faculty, programs, and departments will determine which apps to use based on the needs of the course. rTIP workshops and the IT staff help select apps for consideration and train faculty in thier use.

Q. What apps are likely to be widely used?

For productivity tools (writing, crunching numbers, or creating presentations), you should equip your iPad with either Apple's apps Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, or Quickoffice. Other common apps for iPads are:

  • e-Clicker Audience
       • In class surveys, quizzes, silent polling to generate discussion and focus attention
       • Prepares for use as voting tool in student government meetings and other settings
  • iBooks
       • textbooks that provide interactive tools
       • makes bringing the book to class, reading, and producing and analyzing text fun and powerful
       • can download PDF files and keep the course readings all in one place

Q. Can students install their own apps?

A. Yes. Students may install their own apps onto the iPad as governed by the honor code and Student Handbook. The Helpdesk can provide guidance, especially at their student training workshops.


Options and alternatives to iPads

Q. May students opt out of using the iPad altogether?

A. All students participating in the iPad Initiative are expected to utilize iPad technology as part of their educational experience at Regis College. However, in certain cases, alternatives can be arranged through the Office of Disability Services.

Q. What if I need an academic accommodation or specialized apps?

A. Students who require and are eligible for academic accommodation under the ADA must register with the Director of Student Disabilities directly. This office can be reached at 781-768-7384.

Q. What if I still have questions?

A. Anyone with questions may contact the ITS Helpdesk at any time via phone at 781-768-7177 or by e-mail. If you have trouble getting an answer, then email the rTIP Coordinator.



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