Honors Program

The Regis College Honors Program provides qualified students with intellectually and personally stimulating experiences, including:

  1. Academically rigorous courses
  2. Participation in community leadership, service learning, service; and
  3. Personal enrichment opportunities

Honors students explore complex issues of civic responsibility and global citizenship, and develop skills in contributing to the betterment of society - a central goal of Regis’ mission.

Honors Curriculum

Honors students complete six courses for Honors credit, including:

  • Honors sections of regularly offered courses
  • Special topics courses specifically designed for Honors students
  • A Required Honors Seminar, normally taken in the junior or senior year
  • Up to two designated graduate courses, with prior approval from the graduate program director

Students in the Honors Program are also encouraged to pursue their academic interests through special research projects and/or the writing of an Honors thesis.

Leadership & Service

Today’s Honors students prepare to become tomorrow’s community leaders through:

  • Supervised placements as peer tutors and mentors
  • Design and implementation of individual and group service projects, local and international service and service learning; and
  • Participation in community service and project management related to the students' field of study

Personal Development & Enrichment

Honors students are well rounded leaders, expected to:

  • Get involved in leadership programs on and off campus
  • Attend planned events, such as plays, lectures, conferences, and museum visits
  • Develop close mentoring relationships with faculty who teach in the program

Eligibility for Honors Program

All students are encouraged to join the Honors Program if they have:

  • Been accepted as first-year students with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and combined SAT math and reading scores of at least 1100/ACT composite score of 24; GPA of 3.7 with no test score
  • Maintained a GPA of 3.5 or higher during their first year at Regis

To apply after completion of the first year, please send to the Honors Program Director:

A completed application which includes:

  • A Regis transcript
  • An original graded paper or piece of work
  • Application essay
  • A letter of recommendation from a Regis faculty member

Once admitted to the Honors Program, a student must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.45.


Contact Information

Christopher Kubik, DBA
Director of Finance and Accounting
Director, Honors Program
Director, Early College Programming

Regis College Honors Program - Curriculum and Eligibility
Honors Program
The Regis College Honors Program provides qualified student academically rigorous courses and the opportunity to lead and learn through service.