Rose NarcisoRose Narciso
MAT: Special Education '10

Licensed special education teacher in a greater Boston western suburban public school

Education was my “road-not-taken” when I made a career choice in my late teens. In September of 2007, in my mid-life, I perceived a calling once again to become an educator. At that time, I was a fully-employed design professional with more than 20-years experience in that field. It seemed to me, that the best way for me to exorcise my demons once and for all would be to foray into the field of education in a purposeful way so that I could determine whether or not this was truly what I wanted to do.

Fortunately, the greater Boston area has many excellent schools. Using my professional skills, I began by making phone calls and sending out e-mails to local area colleges and universities that were in reasonable proximity to my home. With school aged children, I knew that if I were to make this transition, it would be a multi-layered decision. I needed a lot of specific information.

Almost at the very beginning, I chose Regis College. Regis College differentiated itself in many significant ways. From a practical standpoint, it was close to home, accessible and with parking. The campus was warm and welcoming and of a scale that was easy to navigate. The college fees were affordable, comparatively speaking. The afternoon and evening course offerings allowed me flexibility in my schedule so that I could be employed while studying.

Jennifer HoltJennifer Holt
MAT: Elementary Education '10

Third Grade Teacher, Ayer Public Schools

My experience at Regis College as a graduate student in Elementary Education has provided me with the opportunity to strengthen the skills I need to help my students grow academically, emotionally, and socially. I understand the importance of creating a stimulating environment while also catering to my students’ unique and diverse needs as learners. As an individual who values lifelong learning in every aspect of my life, I firmly believe that Regis College has prepared me to instill the same love of learning in the students that I will work with throughout my career as an educator.

Jessica Davis
MAT: Special Education, '13

A friend of mine was in the graduate nursing program when I was beginning my search for graduate special education programs. She told me about Regis and then I went to an open house where I met many people in the Graduate department as a whole along with Dr. Leona McCaughey-Oreszak. This open house allowed me to see the graduate program at Regis and really sold me on the school as a place I would be proud to earn a master’s degree from.

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