Rose Narciso

MAT – Special Education ’10
Licensed special education teacher in a greater Boston western suburban public school

Rose NarcisoWhat most impressed me however was that from day one, Regis College was highly personalized and pro-active. My initial queries immediately led to a meeting with Dr. Leona McCaughey-Oreszak, the Director of Licensure/MAT Programs at Regis College. Before meeting with her, I was not entirely convinced that Regis College was where I wanted to go or that I was really ready to go back to school. My initial meeting with Dr. Oreszak completely clarified my decision.

Many of the schools I had contacted responded via e-mail or did not respond at all in spite of my repeated attempts at making contact. Dr. Oreszak was available and immediately set an appointment for us to meet. After discussing with her my specific situation, I came away from that brief meeting with a clear idea of my possible direction if I attended Regis College. The initial courses that Dr. Oreszak suggested were foundational courses. One of them immediately put me into a classroom setting, with its practicum requirement. I would immediately be able to decide whether or not this career was for me! That initial meeting took me on a exciting journey that I completed in May 2010 when I take my final course for my Master’s degree in Teaching. It has been a wonderful and meaningful journey.

Within three years of my initial meeting with Dr. Oreszak, I am now a fully licensed special education teacher in a greater Boston western suburban public school. I work at an excellent school and I am surrounded by highly committed, highly qualified and gifted professionals. I feel very fortunate to have this position. Each new job experience always has a learning curve, and as the saying goes, “Teachers are always learning.” Yet, I came to this position feeling confident and well prepared due to my teacher preparation and experience through Regis College.

Regis College’s educator preparation courses are excellent. Regis College curriculum directors understand that education is career that requires a solid grounding in both academic knowledge or theory and practice. The educator preparation program is structured so that students are immediately exposed to school classroom settings where theories can be observed and then applied in practice. Practicum is a requirement for many of the teacher preparation courses. The tiered approach allows a student to gain licensure prior to completing th MAT Degree. In a relatively short period of time, a student can gain licensure and seek employment while continuing to complete his or her Master’s degree. This approach creates both stronger students and stronger professionals.

The Regis faculty is outstanding. The faculty is composed of excellent, highly dedicated and caring professors and professionals who bring their practice and experience to the classroom. Similarly, professors encourage us as students to bring our own practice or professional focus into the classroom. Thus, courses not only combine theory and practice, but they are also always relevant to what is current in the field and what is relevant to each individual student in his or her own teaching context.

Courses are rigorous and challenging but also balanced and exciting. Students are expected to always engage in critical thinking and reflection. Students are also encouraged to be creative, supported by the talented and highly accomplished faculty. Classes are often enriched by visiting alumni who are likewise highly accomplished professionals and experts in their fields. Regis has a focus on high standards and ethics as an expectation for all students at all levels. This is also the focus and expectation for the students as professionals in their own teaching contexts.

I know that Regis College and its faculty have shaped who I am as a teacher. Regis College will always be an excellent resource for me as I continually seek to increase the depth and breadth of my knowledge and experience.

I am a better prepared new teacher, a better professional and a better individual due to my education at Regis College. I am enriched by my experiences and encounters at the college with highly qualified, highly reflective and empathetic educators. Regis College has expanded my horizons and has helped me reach deep within myself and beyond. This is a vision that I hope I can transform into a reality for my own students.

Regis College Master's Education Testimonials: Rose Narciso
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Testimonial from Rose Narciso about Master's Education program