Jennifer Holt

MAT – Elementary Education, ’10
Third Grade Teacher, Ayer Public Schools

Jennifer HoltWhile studying business as an undergraduate at Boston College, I realized that I could not deny my true calling to become a teacher. I began my search for a graduate program with a reputation for academic excellence, a dedicated faculty, and accommodating scheduling that would enable me to gain experience in the classroom while also completing coursework. What I found at Regis College was exactly what I was looking for and more. Once accepted, I registered as quickly as possible and found myself attending my first course within a week of graduating with my business degree. It did not take long for me to learn that the professors at Regis College were sincerely invested in their work. Through their knowledge, guidance, and dedication, I was able to uncover even more passion for teaching. In addition, each course I took not only challenged my thinking, but also provided me with concrete ideas and materials to use in my classroom. I found that I learned a tremendous amount from my peers that enrolled in courses with me as well. Regis College gave us a platform to share our experiences and converse with one another on both intellectual and professional levels. Thanks to this communication and collaboration, I now have a vast array of invaluable teaching strategies, student resources, and intervention approaches in my repertoire.

Due to my experience at Regis College, I always feel prepared and confident in my ability to positively impact the lives of my students. As the professors at Regis were able to accomplish for me, I am also committed to maintaining a student-centered learning environment to meet the needs of all my students as well as aid them in discovering and reaching their own dreams.

Regis College Master's Education Testimonials: Jennifer Holt
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Testimonial from Jennifer Holt about Graduate Education program