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  • 97% of the class of 2015 had secured employment and/or pursued further education within 6 months of graduation.
  • Regis was ranked in the top 10% of colleges and universities for value.

At Regis, career exploration and preparation is an integral part of a college education. Regis students participate in experiential learning through a host of beyond-the-classroom activities: internships, clinical rotations, student teaching, study abroad programs, service learning, participation in extra-curricular activities and other programs designed to develop a portfolio of marketable skills that is now required by employers. As a result, the Regis approach to career exploration and preparation is designed so that students learn how to build a resume of marketable skills throughout their college experience thereby preparing them for a successful transition from college to the working world and/or graduate school.

Using a curriculum that’s unique to Regis, our students are taught the life skill of how to identify and land the job that’s right for them.

Assistance is provided throughout the college experience using

  • Online tools such as connecting the Regis major to a career: Major to Career
  • Workshops
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Career development and recruitment events throughout the year

The Center for Internships and Career Placement actively reaches out to the community to provide part-time jobs, internships and professional job opportunities. We welcome our alumni, parents and local community to participate.

The Center is located in College Hall, Room 209. It is staffed full-time, 12 months a year.

How Parents Can Help Their Students

How Parents Can Help the College…


Parents of First Year Students

  • Encourage your student to explore new areas of study. Most college freshmen are not aware of the variety of courses and majors available to them. College is an opportunity to sample new topics and learn more about themselves.
  • Affirm what you know to be areas of strength for them.
  • Encourage your student to engage in extra-curricular activities, clubs and/or sports on campus to help them build marketable skills.
  • Try to be open and supportive of their choice of major. College students can change majors frequently and when a college student majors in their area of interest, they tend to have a higher GPA.


Parents of Second Year Students

  • Encourage your student to take the O Net online career assessment. This tool, provided by the Department of Labor, enables students to match potential careers and occupations to their interests, skills and personality. Review the results with them.
  • Connecting the Regis major to a career is another terrific tool you can use with them: Major to Career
  • Ask your student if they have given any thought to career choices. Don’t get discouraged if they say “no”. It can be overwhelming for some students to think that far in advance.  Instead, you can ask them if they have any curiosity about other people’s careers.
  • Encourage your student to obtain a part-time job and to start looking for internship opportunities. The Center for Internships and Career Placement can help.


Parents of Third Year Students

  • Internships are a critical component for the resume. Encourage your student to do as at least one, and preferably two internships. Some internships are unpaid. Discuss the various options with your student: if finances are a concern, perhaps they can do a part-time internship and a part-time job.
  • Offer to help your student find an internship by providing suggestions or ideas and/or encourage them to take advantage of the opportunities available to them in the Center for Internships and Career Placement. Do not find the internship for your student. The Center for Internships and Career Placement can help but the responsibility for finding an internship opportunity rests with your student.
  • Provide positive reinforcement for any career-related activity they perform.


Parents of Fourth Year Students

  • The anxiety level rises during the senior year. Students are scared and as a result, they may do nothing. They are not disinterested or unaware. They often don’t know where to start. The Center for Internships and Career Placement can help. Positive reinforcement from a parent on any steps they take forward is very effective.
  • Be prepared to support your child through the ups and downs of the job search. Encourage them to move forward, even if they think they have a job.
  • Do not contact a prospective employer on your student’s behalf. This is his/her responsibility. It will also lead to a negative impression of your student in the eyes of the employer.


Contact Information

Susan Clancy Kennedy, Director
Center for Internships and Career Placement

Mailing Address

Center for Internships and Career Placement
Regis College
Box 77
College Hall, Room 209
235 Wellesley Street
Weston, MA 02493


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