Regis College Email Policy

I. Introduction

Email accounts and email services are provided to the Regis College community in support of the mission of the College, including teaching, learning, research, and the administrative functions to carry out that mission. Users of Regis College email services are expected to act in accordance with the College’s Technology Ethics and Privacy Agreement and its Acceptable Use Policy, as well as with professional and personal courtesy and conduct. All users have the responsibility to use these resources in an efficient, effective, ethical, and lawful manner. This policy and related policies sets forth the framework in which all email services are provided and are to be used at Regis College. Use of the Regis College email system evidences the user’s agreement to be bound by this policy. Violations of this policy may result in restriction of access to the Regis email system and/or other appropriate disciplinary action.

II. Account Creation

Email accounts are created based on the official name of the student, staff, or faculty as reflected in Human Resource and Registrar records. Requests for mail aliases based on name preference, middle name, nicknames, etc., cannot be accommodated. The only requests for name change that will be processed are to correct a discrepancy between email account name and official Regis College Records, in which case the email account name will be corrected.

  1. Students

    All students are issued an official Regis College email account when they enroll. The email account that is created by Regis College is the official email address to which the College will send electronic communications. Students will be notified of their Regis College address and account username and password by letter. This official address will be recorded in the College’s electronic records for that student.
  2. Faculty and Staff

    Faculty and staff members are issued an official Regis College email account when new employees are entered into the Human Resources system. Faculty and staff email accounts will be created after they are entered into the Human Resources system. Faculty and staff will be notified of their username and password by letter. This official address will be recorded in the College’s electronic directories and records for faculty and staff members.

III. Regis College Use of Email

The College may send official communications to students, faculty and staff via email. Users are responsible for the consequences of not reading, in a timely fashion, College-related communications sent to their official Regis College email account.

IV. Expectations Regarding Student Use of Email

Important communications may be sent to students as needed, including reminders of important dates associated with academic and financial responsibilities and co-curricular events. Students are therefore responsible for checking their Regis College email regularly and reading all Regis-related communications.

V. Educational Uses of Email

Faculty may determine how electronic forms of communication (e.g., email, chats, and message boards) will be used in their courses, and will specify their requirements in the course syllabus. This official Regis College Email Policy will ensure that all students are able to comply with electronic-based course requirements specified by faculty. Faculty can therefore make the assumption that a student’s official email account is being accessed and they can use email for their courses accordingly.

VI. Appropriate Uses of Email

All use of email will be consistent with other Regis College policies, including the College's Technology Ethics and Privacy Agreement. All use of email must be consistent with local, state, and federal law.

Communications sent to a user’s official Regis College email address may include notification of College-related actions. Email is not appropriate for transmitting sensitive or confidential information.

VII. Prohibited Uses of Email

Regis College’s email services or system shall not be used for personal monetary gain or for commercial purposes that are not directly related to Regis College business. Other prohibited uses of Regis College email include, but are not limited to:

  • sending copies of documents in violation of copyright laws; inclusion of the work of others into email communications in violation of copyright laws;
  • capturing and “opening” of email except as required in order for authorized employees to diagnose and correct delivery problems;
  • using email to harass or intimidate others or to interfere with the ability of others to conduct Regis College business;
  • using email systems for any purpose restricted or prohibited by laws or regulations;
  • “spoofing,” i.e., constructing an email communication so it appears to be from someone else;
  • “snooping,” i.e., obtaining access to the files or email of others for the purpose of satisfying idle curiosity, with no substantial Regis College business or educational purpose;
  • attempting unauthorized access to email or attempting to breach any security measures on any electronic mail system, or attempting to intercept any email transmissions without proper authorizations.
  • using email in violation of any Regis College policy or procedure.

VIII. Auto-Forwarding Email

All members of the Regis community may elect to auto-forward (redirect) messages sent to their Regis College email address. Users who redirect email from their official email address to another address (such as AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, or any email server other than the official College servers) do so at their own risk. Be aware that although auto-forwarding may seem a convenient tool to consolidate all your email messages you should consider some possible negative effects:

  • The auto-forwarding target account may fail to receive or accept your Regis College mail for some reason (i.e. attachments too large, mark it as SPAM, or just unavailable).
  • A copy of your mail will not be stored on the Regis College email server.

Email lost as a result of redirection does not absolve the user from the responsibilities associated with communication sent to his/her official Regis College email address. Regis College is not responsible for the handling of email by outside vendors or unofficial non-Regis servers.

IX. Email Quota

The email quota is the amount of email (including attachments) that a user can store on the central email server. Regis College has a mail storage quota of 2 GB for each user account. The mailbox storage limits have been set to warn users when their mailbox has reached or exceeded the quota size. Once the limit has been reached, users will no longer be able to send and receive mail until the mailbox has been cleaned out and brought back below the quota limit.

X. Attachments

The maximum size of any email attachment is 10 MB. In our efforts to reduce the number of viruses received through email, malware filtering has been implemented. Any attachments which may contain a virus will be removed by the mail servers.

XI. Directory Policies

Regis College publishes directory information, including email addresses for faculty, and staff. Electronic directory services are provided on the Web in the form of the Regis College Online Directory and within your mail browser. The Regis College Online Directory is available for anyone at Regis and elsewhere to locate faculty and staff at Regis. Email may be sent directly from directory records.

The Regis College electronic and printed directories are provided solely for the purpose of assisting individuals to contact one another. Information in the directories may not be extracted by any means for the creation of distribution lists for use by businesses or other organizations outside Regis College. Use of directory information for solicitation of business or donations is expressly prohibited.

XII. Privacy

Regis College seeks to preserve privacy and confidentiality in all of the IT Services and will make reasonable efforts to maintain the integrity and effective operation of its email system, but users are advised that those systems should in no way be regarded as a secure medium for the communication of sensitive or confidential information. Because of the nature and technology of electronic communication, the College can assure neither the privacy of an individual user’s use of the Regis College email system nor the confidentiality of particular messages that may be created, transmitted, received, or stored thereby.

Any confidentiality may be subordinate to the application of law or policy, therefore, users should assume that the contents of electronic mail may be accessible to persons other than the recipient. Confidentiality of student records is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Accordingly, all use of email must adhere to the requirements of FERPA.


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