Ebrary on the iPad


Ebrary is a collection of over 80,000 ebooks in a wide range of subject areas.


  • Browse for ebooks in a subject area.
  • Search by keyword across the full text of the collection.
  • Print and copy limited portions of text from ebooks.
  • Download limited portions or entire books with a free personal account.
  • Bookmark, highlight, and take notes with a free personal account.

Instruction how to download ebrary to your iPad

Before you download the ebrary app...create an account in ebrary. You must enter through its library url to do this. (Available from the Library's on-campus database pages.)

Step 1: Create an Account in ebrary

Select Sign In (top right corner), then Select Create an Account. Follow on screen instructions. Be sure to write down the user name and password you create and store them in a safe place. You must be logged into ebrary to download eBooks found there.

Step 2: Download Adobe Digital Editions

Download Adobe® Digital Editions to your PC (not your iPad). Be sure to write down the user name and password you create because you will use it to sync with your iPad app.

Step 3: Download the ebrary app

On your iPad, go to the App Store and download the free ebrary app. It will prompt you for your Adobe Digital Edition’s user name and password.

Upon completion you are ready to download your first eBook from ebrary.

Downloading Procedure

Step 1: Select the Download button.

If you’re not already signed in to your ebrary account you’ll be prompted to do so.

Step 2: Select from the following

  • Create a PDF of the chapter
  • Create a PDF of a Page Range

Accessible on most computers and devices, including the Kindle, without additional software

  • Download the entire document for 14 days in Adobe Digital Editions format
  • To access this encrypted file, you will need Adobe Digital Editions, available free online
  • Accessible on most computers and devices, but not the Kindle
  • You may return the document early using Adobe Digital Editions

NOTE: Downloaded files will appear on your desktop or in your 'Downloads' folder. Annotations to downloaded files are not stored on your ebrary bookshelf.

Step 3: If this is your first time downloading a book

If this is your first time downloading a book, you willl be prompted to sign in with your Adobe username and password. Once that is done, your book will download onto the ebrary app and be available for use!

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