Doctor of Nursing Practice
Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner Concentration

The doctorate in nursing practice (DNP) with a Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner Concentration is designed to address the nursing faculty shortage throughout the United States. The Regis DNP is scheduled so that those in the program can continue full-time employment. Classes are offered evenings, on weekends, on-line, or intensive. Candidates for the program are those nurses who are advanced nursing practice leaders, nurse practitioners, educators or clinical specialists. The DNP curriculum is comprised of 27 core curriculum credits and 9 elective credits in the Hospitalist concentration area. A maximum of 6 graduate credits may be accepted for transfer. The length of the program varies from three to seven years based on how many courses a student takes per semester. For up-to-date tuition information, please view Regis Graduate Programs' Tuition and Fees.

It is important that you meet with the director of the DNP program or the Dean of the School of Nursing to develop your personal curriculum plan as the sequencing of courses can impact the time it takes you to complete the program.

To begin the hospitalist concentration the student must be a current advanced practice nurses (APRN) that is licensed and practicing as Nurse Practitioners (NP). This program will allow active NPs to advance their scope of practice to the inpatient setting and function in their fullest capacity. The core DNP courses are required by all DNP students, with each program concentration having an additional 9 credits (electives) used for concentration courses.

Prerequisite Courses

(previous graduate course work may be transferred to fulfill prereqs)

  • NU 601 Nursing Theory (3 Credits)
  • NU 618 Seminar: Health Policy (3 Credits)

Required 8 Core DNP Courses

  • NU 710 Informatics in Health Care
  • NU 713 Advanced Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • NU 716 Culture and Health Perspectives
  • NU 726 Advanced Research Methods for Evidenced-Based Practice I
  • NU 727 Advanced Research Methods for Evidenced-Based Practice II
  • NU 740 Scholarly DNP Project I
  • NU 741 Scholarly DNP Project II
  • NU 742 Scholarly DNP Project III
  • NU 743 Scholarly DNP Project IV

Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner Concentration Courses

  • Hospitalist NP Course I
  • Hospitalist NP Course II

Hospitalist NP DNP Students (electives) taken concurrently with NU 738

Sample Curriculum Plan

Year Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
Year 1 NU710 NU713 NU 716*
Year 2 NU722 NU725  
Year 3 ++ Hospitalist NP I / NU738 Hospitalist NP II / NU738  
Year 4 ++ NU 730 NU 734  

* either summer session or concurrently with any other course prior to NU738, Hospitalist course, NU730, NU734.
++ Courses for year 3 and 4 can be in reverse order.

The Hospitalist Program differs slightly from the other DNP program concentrations, in such that students that choose the Hospitalist program must take the Hospitalist NP course 1 and 2 as their electives and concurrently with NU738: Application of Nursing science. Each of the Hospitalist NP Courses are 4.5 credits each, equaling the nine credit elective requirement and will consist of didactic material for this role. NU738: Application of nursing science will allow the student to apply knowledge learned in the didactic courses as they complete the 400 required mentored hours in the hospitalist role.

Regis College Doctor of Nursing Practice: Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner Concentration