Core Curriculum

A Foundation for Success

Regis students pursue diverse majors. But they all share a common curriculum that develops skills in academic inquiry, communication and reasoning. As they progress, students are preparing themselves for a senior capstone experience that pulls together what they have learned through all four years of college.

Heritage and Foundation

This section of the Core Curriculum is inspired by Regis’ rich heritage in the values of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston and in the Catholic intellectual tradition. Through Regis’ innovative First-Year Seminar and courses in English composition, mathematics, religious studies, philosophy, and ethical reasoning and analysis, students develop academic skills and intellectual frameworks necessary for success in their majors and in lifelong learning.

Contemporary World and Self

Through this section of the Core Curriculum, students gain academic breadth and a better understanding of the world and themselves through courses in history, literature, the social sciences, the expressive arts and the natural sciences.

Capstone Experience

The capstone experience provides seniors with the opportunity to integrate the values, tradition and knowledge they have gained at Regis and to demonstrate that they have been empowered to challenge themselves academically, to lead and to serve.

Each student’s Capstone Portfolio is an online document that demonstrates academic success through major coursework, a reflective essay, and a résumé and employment or graduate/professional school application letter. This portfolio presents each student as a strong candidate for job success or further education at the graduate or professional level.

Regis College Registrar: Core Curriculum