Continuing and Adult Baccalaureate Programs

General Information

For over three decades, Regis College has offered a Continuing Education Program for adult learners. Many Continuing Education students are experiencing college for the first time; others are returning to college to complete an undergraduate degree; still others are pursuing personal or professional interests. Continuing Education students may begin their studies by taking up to five courses before they must apply for formal admission and become a degree-seeking student, or they may request permission to continue as a non-degree learner. Continuing Education students are enrolled in the same courses taken by our traditional, full-time undergraduates. However, they may take no more than three courses per semester. The majority of courses are offered during the day, though there are some evening selections. Continuing Education students are held to the same academic standing requirements as traditional undergraduates. In addition, Continuing Education students are not eligible to join Regis student clubs or participate in other extra-curricular activities, nor are they eligible to live in on-campus housing or to participate in varsity sports.

Admission for Adult Learners

Regis offers rolling admission for the Continuing Education Program.

Applications for admission are reviewed once the application is complete. Students are notified of the decision within two weeks of receipt of the completed application. All prospective students with a high school diploma or its equivalent are eligible to apply for admission to a baccalaureate program. Regis offers specialized advising and assists each student to plan their studies so that they may achieve their degree goals in an educationally engaging and timely manner.

A student applying for admission to the Continuing Education Program should submit the following materials:

  • Completed Application for Admission
  • Application fee of $50
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Official transcripts from each college or university attended (if applicable)
  • High school transcript or GED certificate

Acceptance to the Continuing Education Program rests with the Associate Dean of Graduate Academic Affairs. The academic potential of each applicant is considered, and those judged to show promise of academic success are admitted. Non-degree seeking students may register for most of Regis’ course offerings as long as they have met any pre-requisite requirements. To register please call 781-768-7270.

Financial Aid

Matriculated Continuing Education students may be eligible for financial aid. Those who are enrolled in a minimum of six credits (two courses) per semester are eligible to apply for a Federal Direct Loan, Federal Work-Study, and the Federal Perkins Loan.

Continuing Education students are welcomed in all Regis undergraduate programs with the exception of the Nursing program. In order to receive their degree, students must meet the College’s general education requirements, as well as their major requirements, and any other graduation requirements as specified in this catalog.

Summer Programs

Regis College offers a wide range of courses during the academic summer sessions. Courses meet during the day and in the evening to provide the opportunity for Regis College students, as well as students from other colleges, to supplement their regular academic programs. Summer sessions also provide individuals with an opportunity to take courses for personal enrichment or career advancement.

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