Clinical Resource & Simulation Center


The Clinical Resource and Simulation Center (CSC) provides an opportunity for students to develop the nursing skills needed to provide safe and effective care to patients in real-life, clinical settings. The curriculum of the CSC parallels and supports the student learning outcomes of each clinical nursing course.

Using several different high-tech manikins that provide actual feedback, the activities in the CSC utilize the nursing process to develop critical thinking for students.

The CSC provides faculty, equipment, and opportunities for students to work individually and in small groups to meet their unique learning needs. The simulation center consists of four labs that simulate current healthcare environments.

High fidelity manikins, like Grateful Greg, are incredibly life-like and can speak with our students and present symptoms that they may encounter in the clinical environment. From newborn care to end of life care the CSC provides excellent, realistic simulation scenarios in a safe, supportive learning environment.

Contact Information

Patricia McCauley, DNP, CHSE, RN
Director, Clinical Resource and Simulation Center
Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator


Jennifer Litchfield MSN, RN
Nursing Technology Coordinator

Janis Tuxbury, DNP,RN
Lab Coordinator

M. Sharon Wong
Lab Coordinator


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