Regis College Off-­Site Courses and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Program Philosophy

Regis was at the forefront of pioneering “on-site” courses at hospitals for working RNs. Regis wanted to pave a path for the adult learner juggling work and family by making it easier to return to school.

Dating back to 2005, Regis has offered nursing courses at several city and suburban hospitals. In 2007, Regis partnered with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and has since enrolled almost two hundred Brigham nurses into graduate nursing courses.

Off-Site Process & Partnership

Regis professors travel to the nurse’s hospital allowing the nurse to attend a course after his or her shift. By signing up for a Regis course at the Brigham, nurses are encouraged to build relationships with their peers, while promoting and providing confidence and strength for one another as they set goals to finish obtaining their BS and/or MS in Nursing.

While Regis has unique partnerships with individual hospitals, including a three-year-part-time Leadership/Administrative Program for a special cohort of nurses, overall Regis has found that offering multiple off-site courses provides the most flexibility and opportunity for all BS/MS nurses’ needs.

Regis offers two to three master level courses for Fall, Spring and Summer 1 Sessions. The off-site coordinator travels to the Brigham to inform and enroll nurses interested in taking courses. After a student has taken two courses as a non-matriculated student, she or he is asked to apply to one of Regis’ graduate programs in nursing. Students are also invited to attend an “On the Spot” Admission Night, where they have the opportunity to be accepted into their program of choice that night.

Off-Site B&W Ambassador

B&W Nurse Educator, Beth Baldwin, RN, MSN, works closely with the Regis off-site coordinator to facilitate on-site courses at the Brigham.

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